Get Excited for The Great Gatsby you’re into style, class, sex, fashion, action, drama, and good acting, The Great Gatsby is a film you should be jacked up about.  The cast is caught wearing the most dapper of attires that include double breasted suits, three piece suits, glamorous dresses, immaculate linens, the best men’s and women’s shoes, top notch hats, and so much more.  Just take a look at the trailer and see for yourself:

I wasn’t thrilled with the music selection for the trailer at first, but it has since grown on me. I believe the director wanted to make a more modern day feeling with this film and attract a younger generation of viewers, as well as the crowd that is already familiar with the story.  The Great Gatsby was a book written by F. Scott Fitzgerald that most 6th graders were forced to read.  I believe this was one of those books where I was quizzed weekly on it.  I think I’d read 20 pages then spark note the next 20 and keep that trend rolling until book report time.  I remember the book being entertaining, even at that age, but there were other modern day features that made the movie an excitement for me to see:

In HBO’s hit series, Entourage, character Vincent Chase lands the lead role as Nick Carraway in the remake of the movie The Great Gatsby, to be directed by Martin Scorsese.  I believe that this caught the eye of many men in America and will bring some of them in to see the film, this coming May.  The studio that produced this film, today, I’m sure had that in the back of their minds.

In the film, Fever Pitch, there is a scene where Jimmy Fallon and Drew Berrymore’s character attend a themed party that forces Jimmy’s character, Ben, to miss a big Red Sox game.  The theme of the party was a “Gatsby party”.  Somewhat of a roaring 20s theme, everyone dresses like it’s 1922.  The men suit and tie up, while slicking their hair and wearing shiny shoes and suspenders, while the women wear stunning, old school dresses, curl their hair like a bob, wear those fun headbands that they all like, and sip champagne through the night.  2009_10_20stlawrence

The Great Gatsby will show the glory and glamour of the wealthiest crowd of the 1920s and the drama that comes along with it.  Be sure to throw yourself a Gatsby party soon or start dressing a little more like the cast of this movie in the next few weeks and just get into the mood.  The story is great, and I really hope the film will capture it’s greatness.  They certainly landed a good cast and I will be anticipating the reviews and numbers upon the release.


Crotch Open VS Crotch Closed Leg Cross


Do you prefer this?  (Open Crotch)Or this?  (Closed Crotch)Well I have good news for you on either decision.  They are both acceptable!  I know that most men’s (especially most young men) first impression of the closed crotch leg cross is that it lacks a certain masculinity.  People often say that this is how women cross their legs and that men doing such give off an undesired vibe.  I’m here to tell you to ignore the criticisms of the closed crotch leg cross.

Like Ted Danson says, in the video above I posted from the amazing HBO series, Bored to Death, a closed crotch leg cross shows that you are sophisticated and professional.  An open crotch leg cross shows that you are relaxed, casual, and comfortable.  Good news again!  They’re both acceptable everywhere! 

In situations like business meetings or televised programs, you may not want to look like you are over-relaxed or overly comfortable, and sometimes, the open crotch leg cross will give off this impression.  In these circumstances learn to go with the more sophisticated look.

Making the transition: Most men have a hard time switching from the open to closed leg cross.  When they try it, their man package gets smashed and is immediately uncomfortable.  You must mess around with it.  Do some tucking and pulling to discover how you can comfortably sit in this postion.  Many great men and presidents only allow themselves to sit in this leg-crossed-position.  

Do not be uncomfortable with your appearance, your sexuality, or anything else when you are deciding how to sit in public.  It is perfectly acceptable to sit in either position and you should not be judged when doing it one way or another (unless of course you are beginning to fall asleep in the comfortable position).

Stay tuned to discover how your socks should look when crossing your legs.  How visible, how long, etc.