Spring Break Style Tips

Spring Break is getting to the point where we are almost able to use the words, “Around the corner.”  I think we who have experienced this Polar Vortex this year are ready to get away as soon as they humanly can.

Whenever you are able to get away and escape from this repugnant weather, here are some tips so you can get by as smoothly and stylishly as possible.

1. Don’t look like a tourist/traveller: Sometimes it can be a bit too obvious that you’re from Buffalo, NY when you end up in tropical climate areas.  You are the one wearing shorts and a tank top on 60 degree days.  My advice is to pack for cooler days as well.  Southern states have been experiencing more cold weather this winter, so don’t look like a shmuck.  Wear pants when needed or throw on that sweater to be nice and comfortable.

2. Swim Wear: Swim wear has evolved for men (stylish men).  We have stolen roots from the Euro-style and it makes sense.  The drawn-out knee-length (or below-the-knee length) board shorts have lost their lust.  Stylish men are now wearing shorts that are hemmed up a bit higher and show off some thigh.  It’s time for you to not look so ridiculous when you are naked and to have a little more tan to those chicken legs.

3. Pack a nautical sweater: Hopefully you will find yourself at or near a beach.  In this case, the striped sweater is a stylish and appropriate item.  Make it a light and breathable sweater so you can wear it with no undershirt or even wear it with your swim shorts.

4. Take Advantage of the Fact That No One Knows You There: This is one major opportunity where you have the luxury of dressing however you want to dress.  Too insecure to wear your trendy new gear in the suburbs of Clarence??  No problem.  Dress the way you see the celebs dress, the way style magazines promote, and the way you’re too worried about how judged you would get back home.

5. Cut Your Toe Nails: Seriously.  As men, it’s something we pretty much forget to do until our big toe nails get caught on our blankets, socks, and pants.  Get rid of the nasty big toe nails before someone spots them.

6. SPF Moisturizer: Skin care is a big issue now days.  Don’t go fry yourself at the first sight of the sun.  Wear at least SPF 15 on your face and sensitive skin spots.  It’ll keep you looking younger, longer.

7. Utilize the casual undershirt: Suits aren’t just meant for button downs underneath.  Wear that henley shirt your wore to the beach under a sport coat out to dinner one night.  Maybe with a piece of jewelry around your neck and a solid pair of chinos.

8. Find Hot and Trendy Spots: Whether it’s secluded beaches or hip restaurants, find some fun stuff.

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The 10 Worst Dressed Cities

You’re going to notice a recurring trend here…  Most cities that are die hard sport cities, tend to lack in the style department.

10. LA: Aside from the celebrities, the town lacks a bit of flare.  It’s usually an over-exaggerated attempt at too much flare.  The graphic tees and oversized logos still exist out there and not to mention the diverse cliques that exist out there…

9. Buffalo: Zubas and Bills jerseys are a bit 1994 don’t you think?  The fact that Buffalo literally cannot win a championship only makes the citizens there more likely to wear their Bills and Sabres gear.  Maybe if somehow they break their nonexistent curse and win a championship the city will feel that bit of relief and can start dressing appropriate to the time frame.  

8. Maui: Have you ever seen more oversized Tommy Bahama shirts anywhere?  Ever?  You know what I’m talking about Jay.  

7. Miami: People try too hard.  Probably the cocaine.  Might as well be the rich man’s Jersey Shore.

6. Denver: An overflow of hippies and stoners may not be the best dressed crew in the states.

5. Detroit: It’s never a good thing when Cleveland, of all cities, chants “Detroit’s bankrupt.”  Detroit is one of those cities you go to and may want to leave within minutes.  Sorry B Rabbit, Marshall Mathers and Eminem, your city learned it’s style from you back in the day.  Not ideal.

4. Philadelphia: A lot to live up to with it’s neighbor up North (New York) being as trendy as it is…  Philly lacks hipster mustaches and rocks crustaches.  Philly lacks flow and makes up for it with mullets.  You root for Michael Vick…

3. The Jersey Shore: You seen the show?  Puffed up greasers and Ed Hardy shirts still flourish.  See ya Jersey. 

2. Washington, DC: Shouldn’t the nations capital be a dolled up city with tailored suits and an overkill of red and blue ties.  Note to DC, just because you are in politics, doesn’t mean you have to dress badly.

1. Boston: First time I was ever in Boston, I expected it to be very similar to NYC.  Boy was I wrong.  Where NYC is a melting pot of every person from every planet, Boston is the exact opposite.  A city filled with the townies, the regulars, the mom-jean-wearing, Red Sox-hoodied citizens lacks what you would call sophisticated style.  

Go Sox!  Seriously though, go Sox!

What’s To Come…

Today is a bit of a teaser for our store: J Norman & Co. Men’s Shop and Lounge.

image-1Rumors are escalating around and about our shop and we wanted to confirm some of them to the public.  Here is a list of things to expect from our men’s shop coming soon…

1. We are building a bar: We are building a top notch bar that will serve customers day in and out with some of our favorite selections of beer, wine, and liquor.  The bar will be in the back end of the store and will be 25 feet long and is there for men to come watch games, relax, dine from our limited food selection and more.

2. We are building a man cave: This man cave will not be your normal man cave.  It will consist of a top notch bar, the highest end televisions, exquisite furniture, dining and poker tables, a gym, and more!

3. We are starting our own line: J Norman is becoming it’s own private label line and will consist of the most stylish apparel in both casual and dress wear.  We have started with our belts and laces but there is MUCH more to come!Just JN

4. We will be hosting events and parties: With this new store and man cave, we will have space to hold events like beer tastings, wine tastings, liquor tastings, cigar rolling, sport game parties, cocktail parties, poker tournaments, shopping events, and more.

5. We are changing our image: We want men to know they can now come to us for their most sartorial of needs!  We also want them to know that they can still come to us for their most casual of dress-wear as well.  We are doing so by bring in our own custom suiting line, our own private label, and new, trendy and affordable lines this fall and spring!


New York City Fashion- Market Week(s)

After spending most of last week in the big city, I learned a lot, saw a lot, and photographed a lot.  I wasn’t your stereotypical tourist to New York, snapping pictures of every skyscraper in sight, rather I was snapping shots of all the fashion trends that caught my attention.  IMG_1307

Market week(s) is fashion madness in New York.  Pretty much every vendor you can imagine sets up appointments for their vendors and shows product that they want to sell.  The vendor then shops the product and brings in what they think their customer would want the most.  I tended to have an eye out for what I might like the most, and in some cases, what I wear, as opposed to my customer, may not be the same.

IMG_1430During this market week, there were several trade shows taking place.  At these trade shows, there were hundreds of vendors.  Each vendor had a small space to show off their best product and attempt to sell to the buyers.  Once again, I saw what might as well have been a limitless amount of product that was eye popping.



Brands that particularly stood out to me were, J Brand, Citizens of Humanity, Ted Baker, Victorinox, Lacoste, Hugo Boss, Agave, WRK, Baldwin, and especially Polo/Ralph Lauren.  The Ralph Lauren showroom was simply out of this world.  It was the most world class, top notch showroom you could imagine.  From the building location, to the space they owned, to the way it was all set up, to the product they showed, it was magnificent.  Here are some shots of what the Ralph Lauren space had to offer:

IMG_1440 IMG_1441 IMG_1444 IMG_1452 IMG_1453 IMG_1454Stay tuned for more updates on men’s fashion from my week in the city.



The Great American Beer Festival

Today we have a guest writer who has sent us in a nice piece on the art that is, beer.  The article is in response to a previously written article on J Norman Post.  Enjoy the feud:

The author starts off with “1. Beer gets boring”

He continues, “Most of my friends are beer drinkers.  I like beer okay.  It’s cheap, convenient and it satisfies most guests.  It works for the beach or the ballgame.  Still, it’s needlessly filling, overly carbonated and usually bland.  Even the less bland brews are overpriced and possess names that appeal to the lowest common denominator.  No self-respecting gentleman should purchase Triple X Ale or Large-Breasted Blonde (get it?).  There must be a better way to expand our horizons!”

Well my friend, have you ever heard of GABF?

The GABF is less than 2 weeks away!   What is the GABF you ask?  It is the Great American Beer Festival http://www.greatamericanbeerfestival.com, which is held in Denver Colorado over 3 days every year in late September or early October. This year’s GABF is October 11-13, which is already sold out.  You may be able to get tickets on CraigsList still.

The GABF consists of 4 tasting sessions Thursday Night, Friday Night, Saturday Afternoon, and Saturday Night, as well as a Brewers competition of 84 categories of beer styles and sub styles click here http://www.greatamericanbeerfestival.com/the-competition/beer-styles/ to view all of the styles that will be judged at this year’s competition.

Yes, 84 Styles of Beer – that doesn’t sound too boring to me, and if I counted right there are over 80 total sub styles.  These beers are Ales, Lagers or Hybrid/Mixed styles.  If the author of the previous post only drinks light macro lagers such as Budweiser, or Labatt then I can say yes, those beers are boring, but my money is on he is a Michelob Ultra kind of guy.

With so many vastly different styles of beer how is one neophyte going to learn what styles he likes, and what are just too boring?  I would suggest going to the Mecca of all beer festivals, the GABF.  These you can sample as many of these beers as your heart desires for the cost of one ticket to enter the festival.

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