Earl Sinclair Over Notorious BIG is a Hoot


Rules Were Made to Be Broken

With the every day struggle to be stylish, only so many advancements and modernizations can be thrown into the game.  We’ve pretty much peaked at inventible items for wear, so now what?  There are simply no more original ideas in fashion.  So everyone goes retro when looking to be considered more stylish.  Certain unwritten rules have been made for the fashion world, and now days we are seeing these rules get smashed by celebs, hipsters, and businessmen.

1. Always Leave Your Bottom Button Unbuttoned (on your suit): Now days we get a lot of our style advice from what we see on TV, red carpets, movies, and magazines.  Unfortunately this is one of those circumstances.  A little less than a year ago I saw that Leo was wearing a two-button suit at a film festival and he was strapped up (both buttons buttoned).  Honestly, I’m not a huge proponent of it.  I don’t think it looks all that swell, but hey, give it a try.

2. Don’t Wear Blue With Black or Black With Brown: A lot of uneducated stylists will look at you when they see you wearing any of these “Clashing Colors” and will immediately critique.  Respond like so: “Fuck You.”

3. Always Wear a Belt: What people fail to realize is that a suit looks split in two when you wear a belt (sometimes).  In order to go beltless your pants will need to fit you remarkably well.  People preach, “If there are belt loops, wear a belt.”  I say “naaah”.  Just make sure your pants fit.  



Men Vs. Miley

Miley Cyrus took a big leap when she decided to chop her wig.  Unlike men, when women decide to make such a drastic change, the turnaround time is long.  The girl chops her hair, gets broken up with, and found herself in very odd stage of her life.  To turn things around, she decided to go all Rihanna on us and get ‘slutty’, for lack of better words.  Whatever, I’m not judging.  I’m just saying, I think the girl was a bit insecure with her previous breakup, then the haircut, so she needed to do something to get her ex jealous, get a larger fan-base, and to be quite controversial.  She did.

With all of that said, Miley is still rocking this haircut until it grows back a bit more throughly.  However, men these days have mastered the ‘Miley Cut’ and have us wondering, who do you think it looks better on, men or Miley?


or Miley?


or Miley?


Or Miley?

Jimmy From Boardwalk Empire:

or Miley?

Shia Labeouf:

or Miley?

You be the judge and don’t be shy to chime in.

The Risk And Reward of the Black Dress Shirt

A bit of advice to the untrained: Be careful when wearing a black button down shirt.  It is very, very easy to look like a gigantic tool wearing a black button down.  Here is my advice on how to do it smoothly so you are at no risk for looking like a wiener:

1. With Jeans: Don’t ever do that!  Never ever!

2. With a Grey suit: Black is the ultimate compliment to grey.  If you wear this combo, do not wear a tie. 

3. With a black suit: Nothing screams “Vinny Chase” more than a black suit, on black shirt, on black tie.  Some people call it the “Johnny Cash” look but I prefer to be a bit more modern with the terminology.  Feel free to go tieless as well, but if you do choose a tie, go with black.

4. With a Tie: Do not ever try and wear a colorful tie with a black shirt.  That means don’t wear anything but a black tie with a black shirt.  The only slight exception is a charcoal grey tie, but even that flirts with total doucheyness.  No white, no colors, never!!

What’s To Come…

Today is a bit of a teaser for our store: J Norman & Co. Men’s Shop and Lounge.

image-1Rumors are escalating around and about our shop and we wanted to confirm some of them to the public.  Here is a list of things to expect from our men’s shop coming soon…

1. We are building a bar: We are building a top notch bar that will serve customers day in and out with some of our favorite selections of beer, wine, and liquor.  The bar will be in the back end of the store and will be 25 feet long and is there for men to come watch games, relax, dine from our limited food selection and more.

2. We are building a man cave: This man cave will not be your normal man cave.  It will consist of a top notch bar, the highest end televisions, exquisite furniture, dining and poker tables, a gym, and more!

3. We are starting our own line: J Norman is becoming it’s own private label line and will consist of the most stylish apparel in both casual and dress wear.  We have started with our belts and laces but there is MUCH more to come!Just JN

4. We will be hosting events and parties: With this new store and man cave, we will have space to hold events like beer tastings, wine tastings, liquor tastings, cigar rolling, sport game parties, cocktail parties, poker tournaments, shopping events, and more.

5. We are changing our image: We want men to know they can now come to us for their most sartorial of needs!  We also want them to know that they can still come to us for their most casual of dress-wear as well.  We are doing so by bring in our own custom suiting line, our own private label, and new, trendy and affordable lines this fall and spring!


The 21 Most Stylish Actors

Movies from now and then have been inspirations to men everywhere about stepping up their style game.  Let’s give a little credit where it’s due and applaud these men:

21. Daniel Day Lewis: Can anyone wear a better mustache than this man?

20. Paul Newman: All I remember him in is Slap Shot, but he gets credit for a lot of other work.

19. Alec Baldwin: It’s Complicated is still one of my all time favorites and his hatred for paparazzi just makes me like him more.

18. Bill Murray:  Not normally what you think of when style comes to mind, but he did make the cover of GQ, and has dressed well in and outside of movies.

17. Joseph Gordon-Levitt- Dude looks like a boss on every red carpet.

16. Jude Law (and Robert Downey JR.)- Been a style icon since Nam’.

15. Christian Bale- Bruce Wayne.  Enough said.

14. Michael Cane- Batman.  Enough said.

13. Jimmy Stewart- The guy was a G.  Looked sharp and clean all the time.

12. Brad Pitt- Lots of guys dislike him, but back in his prime, he could swing it. 

11. Gabriel Macht- Harvey Specter.

10. Robert Redford- Legend

9. Andrew Garfield- Kid looks sharp 97% of the time.

8. James Franco- Funny (in movies- who knows about real life) and stylish.  Today’s James Dean.

7. Daniel Craig- James Bond.

6. Steve McQueen- This picture alone proves it.

5. George Clooney- This generation’s Carey Grant.

4. James Dean- The guy died in his early 20s and still is talked about like Elvis.  

3. Humphrey Bogart- I remember watching old classic films of Humphrey Bogart and watching him suck down cigarettes and cigars like they were nothing.  He inhaled both.  Think he died of lung cancer…

2. Carey Grant- Stud.

1. Ryan Gosling- Am I really giving #1 to our generation’s man of style?  Yup.  Have you ever seen Crazy Stupid Love?

Yay or Nay?

Former sports columnist for the Chicago Sun-Times and former panelist on ESPN’s Around the Horn Jay Mariotti was spotted outside of the Club Monaco clothing store in Santa Monica, California. Details are not really important here as those shoes are hideous.

jay mariotti

What are those? Are they slippers or are they sandals? Are they suede? They look like they might be suede. That only leaves me with one more questions….yay or nay?


The Best Dressed Men from the Oscars

So not only did the women bring it, but so did the men.  As I always preach, the midnight blue tuxedo made several appearances, all equally as seductive.  Midnight blue is in, it’s hot, and it looks damn good!  Also, recognize the precise tailoring job that each man has on their tux.  They all have a slim-fitting look and seem to fit perfectly.

Here are some of the night’s best dressed men:

Christoph Waltz


Daniel Day-Lewis: Midnight blue


Eddie Redmayne: Slim slim slim


Daniel Radcliffe and Joseph Gordon-Levitt:


The Cloon Man sporting a beard:url-18

Jeremy Renner with the sleek/skinny bow tie:

Rober De Niro: Proving that midnight blue is for all ages…  Not so sure about the hair though.url-20

Smart is Sexy


There’s a not a huge difference between being ditzy, being stupid, and being a flat out dud.  Whether you’re a male or woman, being smart and seeing smart is what you should strive for.  This ins’t to say that everyone needs to get their master’s degree in order to fit in to the conversation.  Rather, it’s being able to understand things when they are told and explained, having an eloquent sense of humor, and not needing to be explained a joke 10 times after hearing it once.

url-2Remember how I said being ditzy, or stupid, or a dud were all different?  Ditzy is someone who is just an air head.  Someone who will say, “LOL” to your face.  It’s someone that sends you an email and you think a third grader wrote it trying to be sexy.  It’s someone that doesn’t realize they are just stupid.

Stupid is another game.  You can be both stupid and ditzy, it’s usually how it works.  But sometimes being stupid is just being stupid.  It’s when a woman talks to you and makes a joke about her being 20 instead of 21.  It’s that awkward moment when you have no idea how to react.  It’s not knowing what actually makes people laugh and what actually makes you funny.

A dud…  A dud is someone who thinks they are all that in a bag of chips (or however the phrase goes).  It’s someone that literally walks around like their shit don’t stink, thinking they are high and mighty, but has left everyone laughing at them and not with them when they walk through the door.  Plenty of celebrities can be listed under the dud category.  A dud has little emotion.  It’s someone you literally feel like you can’t let your own sense of humor out on them, because they simply won’t understand to it and can’t adopt to it.

Having personality and humor are two traits that flat out make any one person of any sex, sexy.  Being able to communicate with anyone at any time and finding that way to fit in, instantly makes you more appealing.  When I say, “Smart is sexy”, I mean that you should have an enhanced vocabulary, you should be able to fit into random social situations, you should not have that awkward sense of humor, you should not be the one people say never speaks or never shows emotion.  Showing emotion is a good thing.  Letting your anger or happiness come out is healthy!  url-3

Take Tina Fay for example… She is hysterical.  Whether you find her gorgeous or not, her personality and character immediately make her attractive.  A wise woman once explained to me, that beloved movie stars like Leo, Robert Pattinson, and Ryan Gosling are beloved the way they are because of how their characters were portrayed in their big movies.  They were so obsessed with their women in the most loving, genuine, and SMART ways that it made every woman in America go out and look for men like this.  It really made our work harder.  But seriously, the way their characters are depicted is half the reason women are so crazy about them the way they are.  I’ve gotten opinions on the three of them from women, and none of them find them overly attractive, but their personalities and viewer’s perspectives are what make them what they are.robert-pattinson-robert-pattinson-chouchou-1781355018

So I’m here to tell you this: Man or woman, realize that being the dumb one is not cool.  It’s not funny, it’s not fun, it’s just old and boring.  Being alive, alert, aware, and all around enjoyable to be with can make you seem smart even if you’re not.  Have spunk and character!  So if you’re not a Harvard grad, use your good personality and ability to make you seem like you are well-mannered, put together, and a pleasure to be around.  Good personality will leave you seeming like a brighter, smarter person.