Rules Were Made to Be Broken

With the every day struggle to be stylish, only so many advancements and modernizations can be thrown into the game.  We’ve pretty much peaked at inventible items for wear, so now what?  There are simply no more original ideas in fashion.  So everyone goes retro when looking to be considered more stylish.  Certain unwritten rules have been made for the fashion world, and now days we are seeing these rules get smashed by celebs, hipsters, and businessmen.

1. Always Leave Your Bottom Button Unbuttoned (on your suit): Now days we get a lot of our style advice from what we see on TV, red carpets, movies, and magazines.  Unfortunately this is one of those circumstances.  A little less than a year ago I saw that Leo was wearing a two-button suit at a film festival and he was strapped up (both buttons buttoned).  Honestly, I’m not a huge proponent of it.  I don’t think it looks all that swell, but hey, give it a try.

2. Don’t Wear Blue With Black or Black With Brown: A lot of uneducated stylists will look at you when they see you wearing any of these “Clashing Colors” and will immediately critique.  Respond like so: “Fuck You.”

3. Always Wear a Belt: What people fail to realize is that a suit looks split in two when you wear a belt (sometimes).  In order to go beltless your pants will need to fit you remarkably well.  People preach, “If there are belt loops, wear a belt.”  I say “naaah”.  Just make sure your pants fit.  




Spring Break Style Tips

Spring Break is getting to the point where we are almost able to use the words, “Around the corner.”  I think we who have experienced this Polar Vortex this year are ready to get away as soon as they humanly can.

Whenever you are able to get away and escape from this repugnant weather, here are some tips so you can get by as smoothly and stylishly as possible.

1. Don’t look like a tourist/traveller: Sometimes it can be a bit too obvious that you’re from Buffalo, NY when you end up in tropical climate areas.  You are the one wearing shorts and a tank top on 60 degree days.  My advice is to pack for cooler days as well.  Southern states have been experiencing more cold weather this winter, so don’t look like a shmuck.  Wear pants when needed or throw on that sweater to be nice and comfortable.

2. Swim Wear: Swim wear has evolved for men (stylish men).  We have stolen roots from the Euro-style and it makes sense.  The drawn-out knee-length (or below-the-knee length) board shorts have lost their lust.  Stylish men are now wearing shorts that are hemmed up a bit higher and show off some thigh.  It’s time for you to not look so ridiculous when you are naked and to have a little more tan to those chicken legs.

3. Pack a nautical sweater: Hopefully you will find yourself at or near a beach.  In this case, the striped sweater is a stylish and appropriate item.  Make it a light and breathable sweater so you can wear it with no undershirt or even wear it with your swim shorts.

4. Take Advantage of the Fact That No One Knows You There: This is one major opportunity where you have the luxury of dressing however you want to dress.  Too insecure to wear your trendy new gear in the suburbs of Clarence??  No problem.  Dress the way you see the celebs dress, the way style magazines promote, and the way you’re too worried about how judged you would get back home.

5. Cut Your Toe Nails: Seriously.  As men, it’s something we pretty much forget to do until our big toe nails get caught on our blankets, socks, and pants.  Get rid of the nasty big toe nails before someone spots them.

6. SPF Moisturizer: Skin care is a big issue now days.  Don’t go fry yourself at the first sight of the sun.  Wear at least SPF 15 on your face and sensitive skin spots.  It’ll keep you looking younger, longer.

7. Utilize the casual undershirt: Suits aren’t just meant for button downs underneath.  Wear that henley shirt your wore to the beach under a sport coat out to dinner one night.  Maybe with a piece of jewelry around your neck and a solid pair of chinos.

8. Find Hot and Trendy Spots: Whether it’s secluded beaches or hip restaurants, find some fun stuff.

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Your Favorite Affordable Winter Jackets

In need of a stylish winter jacket this cold season, but not willing/wanting to spend the big bucks.  Schott USA is an American made product line to focuses on winter jackets such as peacoats, down jackets, heavy sweaters, as well as winter hats, and leathers.

I personally own three Schott peacoats, and they are all amazing.  My favorite part about them is their affordability.  Not only are they remarkably stylish, they are available for anyone with their pricing.

J Norman & Co. is holding a current inventory of around 10 styles of Schott product with more to come.  Like any of these photos?  We have it all.  

From big name celebs, to small town Buffalonians, they are being seen everywhere…

Stop in at 5110 Main Street and check out our selection of the American made product that is Schott, and assure yourself a more stylish cold season. 

J. Norman’s 10 Grooming Tips

Grooming Tips from J. Norman:

1. Trim Your Beard:  Whether you have the facial features of a Greek god, or the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, trimming your beard will really allow your face to seem more chiseled and look neater.  It looks like you are trying, which is important these days.

2. Use Cologne: Spray your neck, your chest, your balls, your butt.  You don’t want to remembered as the smelly guy under any circumstances.

3. Keep Your Nails Clean And Trimmed: I have had guys I know confess to me that they’ve had manicures.  By no means am I telling you to do this, but I am saying cut them regularly and file them afterwards.  

4. Use Eye Cremes and Other Treatments to Avoid Puffy Eyes: A cold wash cloth eliminates puffiness and keeps you looking more awake.

5. Use Hair Product: The frizzy, “I’m naturally good looking”, look speaks to people that you don’t give a shit.  Apply product to wet or damp hair and dial it up.

6. Hair Up Top: Long hair is not in style right now.  Sorry for the surfer boys and stoners.  Today’s in look is the 50s style cut.  Short and tight on the bottom with some length on the top.  

7. Chewing Etiquette: I cannot emphasize how obvious it is when people chew with their mouths open.  Please be aware of this.  Also, you should not chew gum at public affairs.  It makes you look a little, well…  You get it.

8. Our Natural Scents are Sometimes Not Our Best: Deodorant is kind of that item that we use to cover up our natural scent, which is a bit unnatural if you will.  However, that B.O. scent is not your finest.  Deodorant may be a smart option.  Find healthy options.  Some deodorants have been known to have a material in it that causes Alzheimers.

9. Nose Hair:  Get rid of it!!!

10. Body Hair: As I stated with facial hair, you should keep it maintained.  Nothing wrong with chest and body hair, just keep it neat and tamed.  

1 Jacket 5 Looks

So you’ve got a suit jacket that is much too sharp to keep in the closet on days you’re not wearing the total package, eh?  Here is a solution to bring your suit coat/sport coat out to play on a more regular basis:

Look 1: “The Total Package”:  The obvious selection here, wearing the full suit.  Some men prefer to wear a tie with a suit, always, and some like it to be a little less formal with the “no tie” look.  Either way, you’re in.  Wear a slick pocket square and you’ll be all good.suspenders

Look 2: “The Casual”:  This look is meant to be worn on occasion.  You don’t always want to pull this one out, but it works when you do.  Find your favorite crew neck T or sweater (or maybe even a henley shirt).  Next, depending on the weather, throw on some sort of undershirt to layer up before you put your selected crew/henley on.  Throw the jacket over it and compliment it with the suit bottoms. 

Look 3: “The Sophisticated Hoodie”: Find a full zip hoodie that can fit underneath your jacket.  Next, determine whether you’d like to dress it up a touch, or if you want to keep it more casual.  For casual, find a T shirt to wear under the hoodie.  For more dressy, find a button down.  Slap the hoodie over it, then the jacket next.

Look 4: “Out on the Town”: Guys are still big on the jean and jacket look, and if you do it right, it can look great.  Liev Schreiber perfects this look in Showtime’s new series, Ray Donovan.  Boots, jeans, dark jacket, button down of choice.  Pocket squares are optional. 

Look 5: “Punk Look”: Find a shirt that has some graphic to it.  Whether you want it to be funny, stylish, or simple here’s how to do it.

  • Funny: Find a T-Shirt with Kelly Kapowski’s mug on it and wear it under your sport coat.
  • Stylish: Find a shirt with your favorite band’s logo or selected image on it and grab yourself a piece of jewelry to hang around your neck.  It will look good.
  • Simple: Find a crew neck sweater with a college name printed on it and wear it loud and proud under your jacket.

The Month Of Facial Hair is Coming: J Norman Contest!

Movember is almost here…  

Movember (a word from moustache and “November”) is an annual, month-long event involving the growing of moustaches during the month of November to raise awareness of prostate cancer and other male cancer and associated charities. The Movember Foundation runs the Movember charity event, housed at  The goal of Movember is to “change the face of men’s health (Wiki).

However, Movember does not strictly mean you must grow a mustache and only a mustache.  Many men decide to grow beards through the month and then right before they are ready to shave it off, they sport themselves with a solid, month long mustache.  Embrace your inner hipster this November and take part in Movember.  Grow some sort of facial hair and let people know why you are doing it.

Here at J Norman & Co. we will be having a contest for the best mustache at the end of the month.  The rules are simple:

  1. You must be clean shaven at the beginning of the month
  2. You must have a mustache on November 30th to be judged 

That’s pretty much it.  Keep us posted with your progress by following us on Instagram @JNormanCo or @JNormanPost and tagging us with your pictures of your stache.


22 Things to Do This Fall: Be Fun and Trendy

Fall is a season to try and experiment all sorts of things from fashion to fun.  Don’t stick to your everyday routine this fall.  Mix things up and stay young, fresh, and trendy as long as you can with these tips:

1. Get a Hipster Haircut: They’re in style now and may not be for too much longer.  Do it while you can and say you lived in the moment.

2. Drink Fancy Beer: Be that guy or that girl at the bar that is too sophisticated for Bud Light.

3. Watch Indie Movies: There’s something about watching movies that people tend to hate or that have a more artistic sides.

4. Grow facial hair: Participate in Movember and grow out a hipster mustache.  If you can’t commit to a stache, grow a beard and then trim it and play with it and eventually have 1 day with a mustache.

5. Drink pumpkin flavored teas/coffees: Nothing gets you cozy like a warm, flavorful cup of deliciousness as you watch one of those movies.  

6. Listen to New/Trendy Music: This type of music isn’t what you’re going to hear on your everyday radio stations.  This is that music you’ll hear in the trendy areas of Manhattan or in high school kids basements.

7. Dress up for no reason: Make tonight fancier than last night and dapper up.

8. Make fancy fall booze concoctions:  Gold Rush Cocktail

Add all the ingredients to a shaker and fill with ice. Shake vigorously and strain into a Martini glass. Garnish with a cherry.

  • .5 oz Gentleman Jack Tennessee Whiskey
  • .25 oz Elderflower cordial
  • .5 oz Simple syrup (one part sugar, one part water)
  • 1 oz Unfiltered apple juice
  • .5 oz Fresh lemon juice
  • 1 dash Bitters

Garnish: Apple slice

Glass: Rocks

9. Have Sunday Fundays with friends: Football can be boring alone, find excuses to make unhealthy food and enjoy it with some laughs.

10. Buy something way too trendy for your liking: Buy a sport coat or pea coat that is just too slim or too fashionable to what you’re used to.  It will be your ice breaker to breaking out of your shell.

11. Find a new favorite restaurant: Find that hole in the wall place you see often, but never go to and be amazed.  I went to a small Italian place in the city a bit ago that was so tiny and compressed, but it ended up being perfect.  I felt as if I was in New York in one of their 80,000 restaurants.

12. Bring your mattress into the living room and be so lazy: Easier solution: air mattress.  Movies all day, eating in bed, and maybe some wine at the end of the night.  Boom!

13. Find a new favorite TV show: Fall is my favorite time to watch TV.  When I think of fall I still think about the show Bored to Death.  I miss it so much.  I may have to watch it again.

14. Be spontaneous: Go do something you weren’t planning on doing.  Whether it’s a road trip, visiting wineries, or heading up to see your old college friends, try it.

15. Wine taste: WNY has some great areas to wine taste and find beautiful scenic areas.  The Finger Lakes are perfect.

16. Get out of your comfort zone: Make a video of yourself, try some daring event you’ve always wanted to, or experience life like you’ve wanted to by opening up.  Often people don’t say things they want to say to people, bosses, friends, or someone they are attracted to.  There’s no reason not to say the productive things on your mind.  Tell her/him how you feel.

17. Watch the World Series:  There is no better time to get into baseball than right now.  Not a fan?  Watch this series, pick a team, and roll with it.  Playoff baseball is easily my favorite playoff sport of the year.

18. Diet with cheater days: The health kick is huge these days, but who’s to say you can’t enjoy a large pizza to yourself on Sundays?

19. Write a detailed thank you note to someone who has once in their life helped you out.

20. Dance in the street: You’ll think it’s cheesy but she won’t. 

21. Carve pumpkins: It’s a cliche but it’s a fun one.

22. Enjoy this weather before the snow!  Get outside.  Bring blankets, scarves, flasks, coffees, or whatever will keep you warm and enjoy this time.  

The Brands You Need to Know About

In case you haven’t noticed yet, we at J Norman & Co. have introduced a few new lines this fall.  Brands such as Fjall Raven, Slate and Stone, and Canada Goose are our hottest products right now.

Fjall Raven: Fjällräven is a Swedish company, specialising in outdoor equipment (mostly clothing). The name means the artic fox.  It has become very popular in recent years amongst football supporters on the terraces of Britain and Europe.  The product we carry in this brand is outerwear.  That being, stylish, fall/winter jackets that are not too heavy but sure to keep you warm and stylish.

Slate and Stone: Recently published in men’s magazines Esquire and GQ, Slate and Stone is an up and coming company that are sure to get you looking hip and trendy in the fashion world.

Canada Goose: Canada Goose is a Canadian manufacturer of cold weather outerwear. The company was founded in 1957 by Sam Tick, under the name Metro Sportswear Ltd.  Canada Goose is one of the hottest outerwear brands on the planet right now and will be sure to give you some style/street credit.  Here’s Drake in a Canada Goose piece.

Come into J. Norman & Co. this season for the best/most stylish outerwear pieces in all of Western New York.  Check the right side of our web page for directions and information on our business.  

The Risk And Reward of the Black Dress Shirt

A bit of advice to the untrained: Be careful when wearing a black button down shirt.  It is very, very easy to look like a gigantic tool wearing a black button down.  Here is my advice on how to do it smoothly so you are at no risk for looking like a wiener:

1. With Jeans: Don’t ever do that!  Never ever!

2. With a Grey suit: Black is the ultimate compliment to grey.  If you wear this combo, do not wear a tie. 

3. With a black suit: Nothing screams “Vinny Chase” more than a black suit, on black shirt, on black tie.  Some people call it the “Johnny Cash” look but I prefer to be a bit more modern with the terminology.  Feel free to go tieless as well, but if you do choose a tie, go with black.

4. With a Tie: Do not ever try and wear a colorful tie with a black shirt.  That means don’t wear anything but a black tie with a black shirt.  The only slight exception is a charcoal grey tie, but even that flirts with total doucheyness.  No white, no colors, never!!