Ray Donovan Review

Season 3 is now underway (3 episodes deep) and I am pretty sure I’m done with it.  Ray Donovan is a series on Showtime about a mob-type character who is essentially a “fixer” for scandalous situations from murder, affairs, kidnappings, and more.  Here’s the season by season recap.

Season 1 was entertaining.  There was action, sex appeal, a decent cast, and the show wasn’t super dark or depressing.  As I watched, I felt the show was a little too “L.A.” for me, and I live here. However, I tuned in regularly and was entertained.

Season 2 was not as entertaining, the sex appeal was still kind of there, the cast wasn’t as appealing, and the show took a darker turn, like most dramas do when the run out of ideas.  “Hmm, no ideas… Let’s have people drink, cheat and die!!”

Season 3 has made me lose interest.  We get it Showtime, Ray is this dark, bruting, alcoholic, depressive, ominous character with manic behaviors.  Would it fucking kill you to have him smile just once?  Or to throw in a laughable clip every once in a while?  It’s just a merry go round of Ray’s unhappiness, and I can’t imagine I’m the only one to think such.

I would give Ray Donovan a 6.0 out of 10 rating and the only reason it is that high, is because season 1 had me wanting more.  After watching further into the show, my rating has gone down and seasons 2 and 3 (so far) have a 4.5 rating out of 10.  It’s not as sexy anymore, it’s a bit too Hollywood and douchey, and Ray’s lack of any sort of positivity has just run its course.  The production of the show and the filming style is still appealing, however I can’t foresee the show making it past season 4, if it makes it there.  It was a fun run, and I hope the best for the show’s staff, but I think I have given up on ole’ Ray.


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