Wayward Pines Review

I’m usually not a fan of network television, especially network dramatic television, however, Wayward Pines has me taking a second glance. This Fox drama series, starring Matthew Dillion is unlike most other dramas in a sense that it has been consistently entertaining, it pushes the envelope, and it lacks that almost necessary corniness that most other network (drama) shows contain.

Think Lost, meets Twin Peaks, meets Twilight Zone.

I had only seen television commercials of the show and not the actual trailer.  Based on the information the TV promos displayed, my general assumption of what the show were to be was this: Matthew Dillon’s character was in a horrific car crash which seemingly kills him.  He is then brought to a town called Wayward Pines, which he is told is located in Idaho, where things are not what they seem.  The people there act in strange behaviors and are enforced by law, yet we are unaware of who professes this law.  However, we know that the consequences of disobeying the law lead to extreme consequences including public execution.

My original premise of the show was that Matthew’s character, a special agent of the law, had been killed in his accident, and then sent to a symbolic form of purgatory, in Wayward Pines.  People are not able to escape this town, and are seemingly kept prisoner.  Some try and escape, while others accept their new and unique lifestyle.

Though I am only 6 episodes into the first season of this ten episode show, I am confident that it will continue to impress and entertain.  However, I see this as a show that may run out of steam after 2 or 3 seasons and will have nowhere to go but down.  That remains to be seen.  I will continue to watch and update, but as for now, I give the show a review of 8.5 out of 10 stars and feel as though I may be rounding down.  

Character development has been enjoyable and plot twists have been plenty.  I see a persistent trend in these and believe they will continue to lead up to a twist we do not see coming.  With Executive Producer, M. Night Shaymalan, you can only expect some sort of wild turn of events that may make or break the show.  So far, well done!


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