Probably the Best Way to Conserve Water

Since moving to California, my inner hippie has emerged a bit. From my wardrobe, to my attitude, to my overall lifestyle, I am becoming a California hippie/surfer. One thing that comes along with that stereotype, is awareness for the environment.

Since I am now living in Los Angeles, California, where we are having a state-wide drought, I find myself constantly trying to preserve water as much as I can.  I participated in the usual ways that everyone is aware of such as not flushing the toilet after you pee, only run the dishwasher when it is completely full, or not letting water run unnecessarily ever (brushing teeth, washing hands, etc.). All of these are helpful, yet I feel like my most recent solution can be of major impact, and I hope that this post and/or this idea can be shared all over.

The water conserving will take place while showering.  Before the idea, let me state that showering less is the number 1 solution before this, but when you do decide to wash your stench away, here is my solution:

Most people have a very specific routine when they shower.  On days I shampoo, I will first wash my hair, then condition.  While leaving the conditioner in, I then wash my body with some sort of liquid body wash.  Here is where my solution comes into play:

While washing your body, you do not need the water to be running.  Let’s say on average it takes everyone 30 seconds to wash their body. Whether liquid soap or a bar of soap, that’s 30 seconds of unnecessary running water.  You do not need the water to be hitting your body when you are washing it.  You wouldn’t run water on your hands while applying the soap.  You put the soap on, rub it and properly spread it, and then wash.  The same should be done with the shower.  Before you begin to apply your soap, turn the water off.  Then wash and scrub your body the way you normally would.  Once you are done, then turn the water back on ad rinse appropriately.  Even though there are several moments while showering that this act could be effectively used, if you do it just once, during the time where you wash your body, and save that average 30 seconds of water, you could make a huge difference. 

My shower has very strong water pressure, so saving 30 seconds worth of water saved every time I shower adds up.

We take advantage of the luxuries we have. We need to leave this place better for our kids, grandchildren, and further future of generations.  Here’s one small step.  Coming from a newly transformed California hippie.


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