LA Versus NYC Fashion

I wrote an article over a year listing our country’s least fashionable cities (, and to my surprise (at the time (per my research)), I found LA to be one of the least fashionable cities.  I can’t exactly deem it brutally unfashionable, because everyone has caught on to the fashion bug.  I was just way ahead of the game.  Now, most sensible men realize it is wise to put forth some effort in the presentation of one’s self.  I’m giving you bandwagoners the golf clap right now. 

But seriously, out here, fashion has progressed since that article posting.  However, I understand the lack there of.  People are a walking cliche out here.  They move here because they want to be an actor.  They think they can act because they’ve been told they’re good looking.  So a majority of people (limited to areas) out here are good looking and in shape.  That being said, you see a sense of idiocy and vanity in plenty of douches (men and women) out here.  Vanity and shallowness are two of the most frustrating things to me.  We don’t need to see you taking selfies on Instagram because you look good in a moment, or because you’re flying first class, or because you woke up like that, or because your tits look good in that bra, or because you did your hair different, or because you’re working out.  For fuck sake, if I see one more video or picture of people working out…  It’s the 2015, everyone is in shape!  Get over yourselves.  If you look good, and need to take a selfie, make it a funny one.  Or keep it on SnapChat so it’s gone after a few seconds.  The more you post these things the more eye rolls you’re getting and people who are recognizing your sheer and utter tackiness.  

(That rant is absolutely not directed to LA specifically)

Okay, let’s get back on track.  The weather here allows people to care less about their appearance.  Jeans and a T shirt are quite common.  And I’m very okay with that attire.  But just ditch the flip flops.  Seriously.  If people are confident that they are good looking, and that they are in shape, jeans and a T shirt are all they need.  I think most of the world has caught on to avoid the Jersey Shore trends and Ed Hardy stuff, but I don’t doubt there was plenty of that out here at one point.  So for fashion, New York, you win.  You win by a dramatic figure.  Weather keeps you wanting to try new trends, dress for different seasons, and so on.  Out here it’s so much more beach attire and lazy dressed individuals.  I’m okay with it.




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