It Was a Catch and We All Know It

Dez caught it.  End of story.  He caught it, he took three damn steps while in control.  He caught the ball.

I am not a Cowboys fan, but I don’t mind Romo and I like DeMarco Murray (probably because he helped win me one of my fantasy leagues this year.  I have never once rooted for Dez Bryant.  I always really couldn’t stand him.  However, after watching yesterday’s game you’d have to have no soul to not feel sympathetic for him.  Let me play it out.

You’ve got the best running back in the game.  It’s 4th and short.  A safe option would be to run the ball up the gut.  Another option: kick a field goal.  Another: somehow Chris Collinsworth thought punting was a possibility (usually he’s smart).  The Cowboys decided to go for it, and go for it all.  Romo throws a decent ball and Dez makes a great play.  I do not believe he was reaching for the end zone, but I do still believe it was a clean catch.  His momentum lead him to fall forward in sort of a crawling motion.  This is what lead to the, “Reaching” action we see as the ball comes out.  Remember though, it came out after the man took 3 FUCKING STEPS.  I feel for you Dallas.

Now some of you will be like, “Oh the got away with a call against Detroit so I don’t feel bad for them.”  That’s shit.  The no call was the right call last week.  Dallas.  You got hosed.  We Buffalo/California people understand.


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