Golden Globes, The Roast of Bill Cosby

The Golden Globes were as you’d imagine.  So, rather than post who was best dressed and who was worst, I figured you could Google that on several other sites.

What caught my attention was Tina Fey and Amy Poehler lighting up Bill Cosby.  They should have gone harder.  Here is there minute roast of Cosby (I referred to him by name rather than lighting him up with rapist-like names):

Pretty good.  Like I said, could have/should have gone harder.  This could be an OJ type-thing.  Maybe he’ll get busted for something far more petty in the long run.

Don’t drug people.


5 thoughts on “Golden Globes, The Roast of Bill Cosby

    • I’m sorry. Would you care to explain your comment a bit more? You can’t really critique a quick blog post. So if you’re defending Cosby, you are setting yourself up for a roast.

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