The Dimple Has Seen Its Days

dimpled-necktie-knotThe classic tie look is a 3 inch wide tie with the dimple directly in the middle of the tie.  This look generated many years ago but has been carried out as a classical piece of business appropriate style.  I’m here to put an end to it… For now.

This is one of those trends that will always come back around, however, in today’s modern world of style, the dimple in the tie look is dated.  With the evolution of neck ties, we are seeing of a trend of slimmer ties.  Most guys who know me, always use the term, “Skinny tie” when referencing my tie collection.  This is not the appropriate use of wordage.  There is such thing as a skinny tie, yes, but in order to be stylish, yet contemporary in the business world, we are seeing men reduce their tie widths.

Going from a 3-inch tie width to a 2.5 or 2 inch width can be tough for the older generation of men to adapt to.  Something I’ve realized through the people I work with, is that the older the man, the less likely they are to make style transitions.  Kind of the “Why mess with a good thing?” saying.  But for me, my generation, and even those who do not wish to change, I think that allowing yourself to do so can really inspire a bit of positivity in your life.  It may make one a bit insecure at first (understand that I am not just talking about tie dimples here but rather, style, overall), but after making a transition, it can be exciting to flirt with new trends.unnamed

So whether you’re wearing a 3-inch width tie, a 2-inch width tie, or a “Skinny” tie, my advice to you, to seem more up to date in the fashion world, is to ditch the dimple.  Rather than poking your finger in the middle to make the impression on the tie, round the slack of the tie.  A tie that is rounded where the dimple once was, looks great in a suit.  The dimple sometimes says, “I’m trying to be a bit like Harvey Spector in my pinstripes.”  unnamed-1

It’s such a simple and subtle change, why not just try it a few times.  It will make you appear a bit more fashion savvy and up to date with modern trends (this one I am taking full credit for).


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