19 Rules for Being a Man in 2014

1. Own at least 1 suit: You’re trying to be a man, right?  Men wear suits.  Own 1 and then let them grow.

2. If you don’t already, develop a firm handshake: A man shakes hands like a man, firm and strong.  Don’t try to break the other man’s hand, but don’t let him be able to mock you for a limp shake.

3. Have a signature drink: If you drink, have one go-to drink and let people know what it is.  Not promoting drinking, just saying.  Maybe your drink is non-alcoholic.

4. When in doubt, dress up: It is so much better to be overdressed than underdressed.  Don’t ever forget that.

5. Call your parents: They’ll appreciate it.  Just do it.

6. Be the bigger man: Don’t act like a high schooler and put people down.  There are better ways to attempt humor than to take personal shots at people.

7. Have a signature meal to cook: Make it something you think most people will like, and something you very much so like.  I vote chicken pot pie!

8. Avoid political arguments at parties: The party was not meant to set up a debate between your drunk uncle and your buddy.  Keep that shit to yourself.

9. Don’t call women bitches or C-words: Especially to their face…

10. Gain etiquette: Hold doors for people, say please and thank you more than you should, apologize when you are wrong.

11. Perform random acts of kindness: Not only will you make others feel good, you will feel better about yourself.

12. Find at least one occasion to wear a tuxedo to: Be baller at least one night and strap on a black bow tie with a tux.  Whether a play, a party, or wedding (even if you must crash), do it.

13. Channel your inner adrenaline junky: First and foremost, be safe.  That being said, do something that will get the blood flowing.  Do something that you normally wouldn’t do.  Stepping out of your comfort zone can be good for you.  Just find a way to make it a new comfort zone, whatever you do.  Try riding a motorcycle, go mountain climbing, sky dive, swim with dolphins (or sharks), etc.

14. Be spontaneous: Plan a trip on a day’s notice, move somewhere because it’s where you want to be, introduce yourself to people you normally wouldn’t.  You have one life, why hold back?

15. Be there for a bro: If you’ve got a pal who got dumped or fired, be there for him.  Cancel with your girl or with work, and be there for your bro.

16. Don’t be pushy with women: If she wants you, you will be able to tell.  If she doesn’t and you are pushy, you will seem like a potential rapist.

17. Get healthy: Smoke less, eat better, drink less, work out more, etc.

18. Do not get a visible tattoo too large: Chances are you’ll hate it someday, this will make you hate it less.

19. Don’t spend any less than $10 on a bottle of wine you are giving as a gift or bringing to a party.  Some people are assholes and will check the price of the bottle.


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