Is It Time For Politicians To Start Getting More Stylish?

I shouldn’t write anything else.  I shouldn’t post anymore pictures.  I should just leave this article as is.  Hilary in her orange pant suit.  Enough said.

I will need to elaborate a bit more.  People in politics are so absorbed by protecting their image, they will literally hide who they really are.  Shocker, I know…  That being said, they fear that stepping out of the “Political Fashion World”, will leave them to be labeled as something they do not desire to be.  But tell me, is it really that bad to be labeled as a stylish president or congressmen?  Obama dresses like an accountant, and most of his past compadres have as well.  

I think that in today’s world, it should be okay for our political figures to step out of their oversized suits and fat ties.  I’m not saying go out there and dress like a male model, however, they should take notes from talk show hosts such as Jimmy Kimmel and Jimmy Fallon.  They wear very nice suits, that are slim, but not skinny, and keep themselves very put together.  


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