10 Style Trends That You Need to Forget About Forever

I have been paying attention to some men’s requests upon shopping and I need to do them some good for themselves and announce what they SHOULD NOT be asking for.  Here is a list of things that may have once been in style that now, are not:

1. Boot Cut Jeans!!!  I cannot tell you how many men have come in asking me for them.  Bros, please stop.  They are gone and they’re never coming back.  It’s like the Sopranos… It’s over…  Find a new show.

2. Square Toe Shoes: Trust me, you look like you’re pulling items from your high school closet and that is not good these days.  They look horrendous and will kill any wardrobe.

3. Non-tailored/Ripped Jeans: The days of not getting your jeans fitted to your leg length are long gone (unless you stylishly roll your jeans (in or out)).  The days of ripped/frayed jeans at the bottom are even further gone.

4. Wide Ties: Look, I get it, some guys are old fashion and want to wear what they wore their whole life.  My Dad for instance, won’t even consider putting on a slimmer tie.  I’m here to tell him and you, you should!!  They are so much more stylish than the wide/beefy ties.

5. Oversized dress shirts: When I say oversized, I mean anything but slim cut dress shirts.  Doesn’t matter how big or small you are (I’m talking 15-19 inch collars), there are slim cut shirts for all sizes.  They’ll fit you even if you are a big boy.

6. Cargo Shorts: Cargo, camo, baggy shorts are hideous!  Throw them in your fire place the next time you consider wearing them.  Country clubs don’t let kids where cargo shorts anymore.  Take notes.

7. Long Sideburns: I saw a picture of myself the other day and tried figuring out why I looked so damn goofy in it…  My sideburns were atrociously long.  

8. Highlighted Hair: Dyed hair for that matter… Go natural.  Dyed hair is more acceptable than highlighted hair.  I don’t care if you’re gay, straight, in a boy band or whatever… No highlights or frosted tips ever ever! 

9. Big Logos on Jeans: How many pairs of True Religion Jeans do you see floating around at reputable stores these days???

10. Bandanas On Your Head: Bandanas have transformed into new fashion accessories.  Pocket squares and jean flare.  No more wearing them on your head to the gym, please.


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