Things Men Should Know

In today’s Things Men Should Know segment, we will focus on the art of tipping.  What is appropriate and what is not:

Bartender: You should tip $1 per drink.  If you have a $100 bar tab, it is ridiculous to tip 15-20%.  $1 per drink is a safe bet.  Drinks are overpriced anyway.

Airport Valet: $1 per bag.  If bags are heavy, consider an addition.

Car Valet: $2-$5.  Depends how generous you’re feeling.

Doorman: $1 per bag.

Movers: This may be the most important person to help.  If you’ve ever hired a moving company, you know how much easier it made life for you.  Tip generously.  I say $20 per mover.  Or minimum $10 per mover but feed them some beer as well.

Food Delivery: 5-10%.  Half the time there’s a delivery fee/tip included so pay attention.

Barber/stylist: 10-15%.  Tip higher around holidays.

Waiter: 15-%20

Taxi Driver: Literally the last person on the planet you probably want to tip…  Me too.  I say 5-10% but they expect 10-20%.  Stick with 5!

Shoe shine: $2-$5.


9 thoughts on “Things Men Should Know

  1. So if you have a $100 bar tab for 1 bottle of wine, your tip is $1?

    Ever since you plagiarized that article about 7 Things to Do After work…and then deleted my comment about it…this blog has really gone downhill.

    • I may be taking this post down, considering my company owns a restaurant and I may have upset a few people, but please feel free to continue to comment and we can hash things out however you’d like…

      • Taking it down is not a remedy.

        If you have an opinion, stick by it, don’t just give some half-ass answer reasoning like “drinks are overpriced anyways”…well then don’t go to that restaurant/bar!

        I found parts of this article useful. And I like this blog, and I enjoy reading it’s original content. And I hope I can continue to enjoy it as long as it lives up to the expectations that you’ve set with good posts in the past.

      • Thank you for your honesty and for your feedback. It is much appreciated. I am not sensitive, so if criticism is needed or if you feel like lashing out about anything I’ve written, please do so.

        Thank you for the kind/honest response.

  2. For car valet’s, I’ve heard you tip around $1 for every $10k your vehicle is worth. So a Corolla $2, a Corvette $5-$10.

    For bartenders, it depends on the type of drink I think. A buck per beer bottle I think is fair. But if you’re getting bloody mary’s or a special martini with five ingredients, then $2 or 20% is sometimes warranted because the bartender did a little extra.

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