Things Men Should Know

Since we missed our Things Men Should Know segment this Monday due to our Movember post, we figured we’d increase your many knowledge with a new tid bit of manly information.  This week’s segment is going to be a list of things men should know.  Often times, we men get put under the spot light and are put on the spot, in a somewhat test situation, if you will.  Here is a list of things you need to be ready to answer at all times:

1. Your spouse’s birthday

2. You and your spouses anniversary

3. Your shirt, neck, jacket and waist size!  This is so vital when needing things quickly.

4. Your signature cooking dish.  If you are put on the spot to whip up a delicious something for a special somebody, have a “Go to.”

5. Your favorite cocktail/drink.  This is the one exception of a situation to be predictable in.  

6. Your favorite local bar/restaurant to take visiting guests.  Always nice to go to a comfortable and familiar place when in need of whining and dining some guests.

7. Your social security number.  Seriously, if you don’t know it, you should.

8. Your Family History: Have a little historical knowledge on the old family tree.


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