The First Annual Movember Event Was a Hit!

We here at J Norman & Co. would like to send a very special thank you out to everyone that attended our event this past Friday night.  Thank you to our guests, to Giancarlo’s, to Empire Liquor Distributors, to Mike Nicosia, to our J Norman employees, and to our friends and families who helped set up and came to support!  Thank you all so much!

Displaying photo 3.JPG

The night started with a gathering of about 50 guests, where everyone was treated to drinks, appetizers, and pizzas.  The guests were then given a tour of the store, which now includes our J. Norman Showroom, a room where only J. Norman product and limited product will be shown.  The room is to have a different feel than the rest of the store, while playing a relaxing hip hop genre of music, and dimly lit, the showroom is what will become our eventual man cave.  It will be a relaxing, old school atmosphere for all who visit.

Displaying photo 2.JPGThe night then continued on to a mishmash of laughter and good times as the store became more of a hangout.  People shopped, but they felt at ease.  It was more of a party scene than a shopping experience.  Guests were able to mingle, while meeting other guests, and enjoying the amenities that were offered to them.  Displaying photo 3.JPG

After people did their shopping, got acquainted and what not, it was time for the fun stuff.  We gathered the crew of men who had facial hair for “Movember” AKA “No Shave November”, snapped some pics, and let it come to a vote for who won the throne for the Best Mustache.  We let the cheering of the crowd determine the victors and with a very close vote, the awards went as follows:

Runner Up: Kevin Banas (the photobomber)

Winner: Nick Gianadda: Displaying photo 5.JPG

Honorable Mentions: Displaying photo 4.JPG

Displaying photo.JPGDisplaying photo 4.JPG

Displaying photo 1.JPG


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