Men Vs. Miley

Miley Cyrus took a big leap when she decided to chop her wig.  Unlike men, when women decide to make such a drastic change, the turnaround time is long.  The girl chops her hair, gets broken up with, and found herself in very odd stage of her life.  To turn things around, she decided to go all Rihanna on us and get ‘slutty’, for lack of better words.  Whatever, I’m not judging.  I’m just saying, I think the girl was a bit insecure with her previous breakup, then the haircut, so she needed to do something to get her ex jealous, get a larger fan-base, and to be quite controversial.  She did.

With all of that said, Miley is still rocking this haircut until it grows back a bit more throughly.  However, men these days have mastered the ‘Miley Cut’ and have us wondering, who do you think it looks better on, men or Miley?


or Miley?


or Miley?


Or Miley?

Jimmy From Boardwalk Empire:

or Miley?

Shia Labeouf:

or Miley?

You be the judge and don’t be shy to chime in.


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