Things Men Should Know

Every Monday, we at J. Norman are going to attempt to continue this “Things Men Should Know,” segment.  With it, we are going to include basic things that will help boost men’s knowledge on manly topics.  Today’s topic:

How to select a good cigar:

1. Calculate the strength of the tobacco: Many tobacco specialists will agree that the best tobacco comes from the Caribbean.  

2. Evaluate the wrapper: The wrap should be smooth and should feel oily.  This ensures that the cigar is still fresh.  Cracks in the cigar show a staleness.

3. Texture: A cigar with bumps and soft spots indicates that it was not filled properly and it will not smoke as well.

4. Filler: A cigar with long, bundled leaves should ensure that the cigar on’t break apart in your mouth.

5. Length and Thickness: Length and thickness are personal preferences.  A smaller, shorter cigar can be enjoyed in moments where you may be a bit strapped for time.  I enjoy a smaller cigar.  I think they look sharper anyways. 


2 thoughts on “Things Men Should Know

  1. I’d like to suggest the Arturo Fuente Hemingway Short Story. My favorite cigar. Dominican Republic filler with a Cameroon Wrapper. A great cigar to enjoy with some rum or whiskey and doesn’t leave an unpleasant taste or smell on you.

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