7 Things To Do After Work to Ease Stress and Boost Success

Sick of the same routine after work?  Go home, eat, drink, sleep?  Try to get out of that rhythm.  If it means leaving work a little earlier, do it.  Follow these seven steps to ease stress and boost success by freeing the mind:

1. Detach: It’s something I’ve been doing lately.  Get away from your phones.  And by phones I mean, email, texts, internet and all sources of wireless communications.  If your phone dies… Let it be dead for an hour or so and feel that at ease sense you’ve been missing.

2. Healthy Relations: A healthy relationship can be the ultimate release.  Sex lowers the risk of heart attack and prostate cancer, while lowering blood pressure and is a stress reliever. 

3. Discover a Distracting/Healthy hobby: Work out, play an instrument, play a pickup sport, etc.  Finding healthy distractions to your stressful life help you escape to a mind easing place.

4. Get Outside: Vitamin D/sunlight alone boost the bodies endorphins and allow for a boost in happiness and excitement.  Winter is coming, and this weather is awful, so consider moving?  Not so dramatic option: Go skiing

5. Find Adrenaline Boosting Activities:  I’m not saying to go risk your life base jumping, however I am saying to get out of your comfort zone every once in a while.  Go find new, exciting things to part take in that require physical activity that will get your blood flowing and get you excited.  Maybe even in a nervous/exciting way…

6. Drink Moderately/Responsibly: Overdoing it will lead to exhaustion and potential addiction.  Studies show that people who moderately drink have lower risks of strokes, heart attacks, and blood clots.  I meant it though, drink moderately, to relax, not to party and binge.  

7. Get 8 Hours of Sleep!!! Sleep deprivation is something people really don’t think about these days.  Everyone’s schedule is so nuts, that this may seem ridiculous.  Often times you hear people say how being “gluten free” makes them feel so much better.  Well multiply that x10 of a good feeling when getting the proper amount of sleep.  


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