The Style Downfall of the NFL Coach

Who started the style de-evolution of the modern day NFL coach?  What happened to the Lombardis, and the Ditkas, and the Landrys?  Now days we see coaches like Bill Belichick and others setting that “Comfortable trend” and wearing ripped hoodies, ugly beanies and sweat pants.  They literally look like they raided a college kid’s dorm room closet and walked onto the field. 

What happened to the professionalism of the modern day NFL coach?  I don’t doubt any one of their work ethics, however, their appearance doesn’t exactly scream, “Successfully stylish.”  These guys are put in front of the public eye for about 4-5 hours, one day a week.  You’re telling me they can’t tough it out and dress the part for the time being?

My belief is this: Any professional coach who is not required to wear the team’s athletic uniform should be required to wear a suit.  

How many basketball coaches do you see wearing sweat suits during games?  How many premiere soccer club coaches do you see rocking the team’s jersey during a game?  You don’t, because they’d look ridiculous.  So why do these NFL coaches steer away from giving themselves some credibility with the one (during games) opportunity they have to look stylish?  We don’t know.  Maybe there is some NFL rule that requires them to wear team attire, but I’m not too sure.  And if it exists, it shouldn’t.  

I think someone needs to start the retro-trend and dress the part that the past NFL coaches used to.  Belichick would be the best candidate.  Hey Bill, I like you, I respect you, but I think you should take notes from some Euro-league soccer coaches and start styling it up Sunday afternoons.  Good luck.  Remember these studs:



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