Your Favorite Affordable Winter Jackets

In need of a stylish winter jacket this cold season, but not willing/wanting to spend the big bucks.  Schott USA is an American made product line to focuses on winter jackets such as peacoats, down jackets, heavy sweaters, as well as winter hats, and leathers.

I personally own three Schott peacoats, and they are all amazing.  My favorite part about them is their affordability.  Not only are they remarkably stylish, they are available for anyone with their pricing.

J Norman & Co. is holding a current inventory of around 10 styles of Schott product with more to come.  Like any of these photos?  We have it all.  

From big name celebs, to small town Buffalonians, they are being seen everywhere…

Stop in at 5110 Main Street and check out our selection of the American made product that is Schott, and assure yourself a more stylish cold season. 


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