J. Norman’s 10 Grooming Tips

Grooming Tips from J. Norman:

1. Trim Your Beard:  Whether you have the facial features of a Greek god, or the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, trimming your beard will really allow your face to seem more chiseled and look neater.  It looks like you are trying, which is important these days.

2. Use Cologne: Spray your neck, your chest, your balls, your butt.  You don’t want to remembered as the smelly guy under any circumstances.

3. Keep Your Nails Clean And Trimmed: I have had guys I know confess to me that they’ve had manicures.  By no means am I telling you to do this, but I am saying cut them regularly and file them afterwards.  

4. Use Eye Cremes and Other Treatments to Avoid Puffy Eyes: A cold wash cloth eliminates puffiness and keeps you looking more awake.

5. Use Hair Product: The frizzy, “I’m naturally good looking”, look speaks to people that you don’t give a shit.  Apply product to wet or damp hair and dial it up.

6. Hair Up Top: Long hair is not in style right now.  Sorry for the surfer boys and stoners.  Today’s in look is the 50s style cut.  Short and tight on the bottom with some length on the top.  

7. Chewing Etiquette: I cannot emphasize how obvious it is when people chew with their mouths open.  Please be aware of this.  Also, you should not chew gum at public affairs.  It makes you look a little, well…  You get it.

8. Our Natural Scents are Sometimes Not Our Best: Deodorant is kind of that item that we use to cover up our natural scent, which is a bit unnatural if you will.  However, that B.O. scent is not your finest.  Deodorant may be a smart option.  Find healthy options.  Some deodorants have been known to have a material in it that causes Alzheimers.

9. Nose Hair:  Get rid of it!!!

10. Body Hair: As I stated with facial hair, you should keep it maintained.  Nothing wrong with chest and body hair, just keep it neat and tamed.  


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