Scarves With Suits and More

Many men are under the impression that scarves are only allowed to be worn if you are about to catch frost bite.  I am here to clear your fear of wearing a scarf.

Men also often feel that a scarf is sometimes too trendy of a piece and that it takes away from their wannabe manliness.  It drives me nuts that in the 21st century, when style has evolved to an unbelievable level, that guys are still literally too afraid to go the extra mile to look good.Photo Op USA

A scarf is a piece that is meant to compliment your wardrobe while also keeping your neck and face warm.  You do not need to be wearing a down/heavy jacket (or a jacket at all) to wear a scarf.  Wearing a scarf with a suit is a totally acceptable look and feel.  

Here are some ways to wear a scarf that you may not be aware of:

  1. With a suit
  2. With a T shirt: Be careful with this one, it gives that, “My arms are warm but my neck isn’t” look.
  3. With a peacoat: This is the classic way to wear a scarf.  Tuck it into your coat or leave it out
  4. With a vest: An underrated look, but a look that is awesome if perfected.
  5. With a vest/jacket combo: GQ endorses this look big time and so do we.
  6. With a sweaterVladimir Ivanov. Men's Scarf

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