Tonight is the Night!

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The One Button Jacket is In

Style is so different from what it was just a few years ago.  Now, the young, modern day, educated man is wearing suits and formal wear, where as before it wasn’t even a consideration.  Men like to look good and it is showing.

With the development of style over these past years, the sport coat is making monstrous appearances.  This season (or maybe in the spring) the one button jacket has come into play.  Certain subtle details on a suit jacket can go a long way.  For example, a ticket pocket on a suit jacket can be an awesome, noticeable feature on a man’s jacket.  Also, button stitching is a great recognizable/subtle feature.  Buttons are now being noticed as well.  I’m not a fan of anything with three buttons and do not own a single three button suit.  That being said, two-button and one-button jackets are the bees knees.  .

Where them with jeans, slacks, suits, etc. and impress the viewing crowd with your sartorial developments. I love this colors

Men Vs. Miley

Miley Cyrus took a big leap when she decided to chop her wig.  Unlike men, when women decide to make such a drastic change, the turnaround time is long.  The girl chops her hair, gets broken up with, and found herself in very odd stage of her life.  To turn things around, she decided to go all Rihanna on us and get ‘slutty’, for lack of better words.  Whatever, I’m not judging.  I’m just saying, I think the girl was a bit insecure with her previous breakup, then the haircut, so she needed to do something to get her ex jealous, get a larger fan-base, and to be quite controversial.  She did.

With all of that said, Miley is still rocking this haircut until it grows back a bit more throughly.  However, men these days have mastered the ‘Miley Cut’ and have us wondering, who do you think it looks better on, men or Miley?


or Miley?


or Miley?


Or Miley?

Jimmy From Boardwalk Empire:

or Miley?

Shia Labeouf:

or Miley?

You be the judge and don’t be shy to chime in.

Things Men Should Know

It’s Monday, at that means we are back to our Things Men Should Know segment.  Today’s topic:

How to Fart in Public and Get Away With It:

Face it, it happens to all of us: Men, women, children, babies, we all are faced with this discomfort from time to time.  If you are unable to escape to a private area, here are some pointers:

1. Move to the most crowded/most noisy area you can find.  This way if it’s loud, chances are there will be much less of a chance it is heard.  With the larger crowd of people, it almost makes it fun to start seeing people react and start blaming one another.

2. Be talking while you release your bomb.  If you’re mid conversation/making noises it distracts people, therefore leading them to think of someone else as the culprit.

3. Do not exit the area too quickly.  It is obvious when you walk through a crowd of people crop dusting the place like a wildebeest.  Be coy about it.  Sneak away, but do it candidly.

4. Make a game of it.  Start joking about who done it, blame children, be obviously hilarious and then maybe fess up.  At that point it’s funnier than anything.

How To Utilize Your Tweed Suit

First and foremost if you haven’t bought a tweed suit yet, you should get on it.  This time of the year, tweed is so fashion forward, it keeps you nice and warm, and you can utilize it in so many ways.  There are inexpensive tweed suits out there, you just have to do your research.

Look 1: Wedding/Formal/Work: If you are headed in to any of these situations/destinations, a tweed suit is a perfect option to look your best and stand out.  

Look 2: Lose the Jacket: Breaking a tweed suit down is almost mandatory if you own one.  Pants or jacket, you can’t go wrong.  When you lose the jacket, keep it dressy up top still.  Throw on a nice wool sweater/cardigan, a shirt and tie.  Make sure you select the right shoes as well.  Don’t let anything look too “matchy.”

Men's bags and Tweed pants for Fall 12

3. Casual Layering: Cardigan, striped shirt, scarf, pair of jeans and sick kicks and you are in for your Friday night.