1 Jacket 5 Looks

So you’ve got a suit jacket that is much too sharp to keep in the closet on days you’re not wearing the total package, eh?  Here is a solution to bring your suit coat/sport coat out to play on a more regular basis:

Look 1: “The Total Package”:  The obvious selection here, wearing the full suit.  Some men prefer to wear a tie with a suit, always, and some like it to be a little less formal with the “no tie” look.  Either way, you’re in.  Wear a slick pocket square and you’ll be all good.suspenders

Look 2: “The Casual”:  This look is meant to be worn on occasion.  You don’t always want to pull this one out, but it works when you do.  Find your favorite crew neck T or sweater (or maybe even a henley shirt).  Next, depending on the weather, throw on some sort of undershirt to layer up before you put your selected crew/henley on.  Throw the jacket over it and compliment it with the suit bottoms. 

Look 3: “The Sophisticated Hoodie”: Find a full zip hoodie that can fit underneath your jacket.  Next, determine whether you’d like to dress it up a touch, or if you want to keep it more casual.  For casual, find a T shirt to wear under the hoodie.  For more dressy, find a button down.  Slap the hoodie over it, then the jacket next.

Look 4: “Out on the Town”: Guys are still big on the jean and jacket look, and if you do it right, it can look great.  Liev Schreiber perfects this look in Showtime’s new series, Ray Donovan.  Boots, jeans, dark jacket, button down of choice.  Pocket squares are optional. 

Look 5: “Punk Look”: Find a shirt that has some graphic to it.  Whether you want it to be funny, stylish, or simple here’s how to do it.

  • Funny: Find a T-Shirt with Kelly Kapowski’s mug on it and wear it under your sport coat.
  • Stylish: Find a shirt with your favorite band’s logo or selected image on it and grab yourself a piece of jewelry to hang around your neck.  It will look good.
  • Simple: Find a crew neck sweater with a college name printed on it and wear it loud and proud under your jacket.

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