Inspiration for Your Moustache

Thinking about part taking in Movember, but hesitant because you think you’ll look like a dingleberry?  Well don’t be.  Here are some words of wisdom for you and your moustache this coming month.

1. Men throughout the entire nation will be doing it: You know that insecure moment you have when you try to wear something new that is a bit risky?  That feeling amy come about the first few times you rock your stache.  Just remember that you will see men all over your city with moustaches and when you do, just give them a nod.

2. It’s like being in your own clique: I grew a beard a few months ago and it was like every man I saw who had a beard immediately befriended me.  You just give each other that look that says, “Yeah man… You’ve got it.”  With moustaches it is an even cooler clique.  It is a conversation starter wherever you are.  

3. You’ll be able to enter the J Norman contest: Either November 29th or 30th, J. Norman & Co. will be hosting an event to show support in prostate cancer.  The more moustaches the merrier.

4. It’s for a good cause: Prostate cancer is a serious issue for aging men and should be paid more attention to. 

5. Many great and stylish men have had moustaches (minus one doucher):   


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