9 Stylish Halloween Costumes

In case you’re dressing up this Thursday or are forced to play the dress up game after the actual holiday (which I am against) here are some costume ideas for you to throw together quickly that will be stylish and effective.

1. Walter White and Jesse Pinkman: Yellow jumpsuits, gas masks, and you’re in.  Or you can always go for the classic tighty whitie look that Walt rocks while cooking.

2. Phantom of the Opera: A half mask, black suit, and a cape and you’re in.

3. James Bond: A grey suit/black tux, a martini glass, some slick hair, and a fake gun.

4. American Psycho: 2 options here…  1. Suit, slick hair, fake ax.  2. Plastic jump suit, ax slick hair.

5. Royal Tenenbaums: Suit, headband, sweatbands.

6. Reservoir Dogs: Get a group of boys, and strap up in black suits, black skinny ties and black sunglasses.

7. Mad Men: Grey suit, skinny tie, glass of scotch, cigarette.

8. Zoro: Mustache, eye mask, sword, slick hair.

9. Lone Ranger: Whether Johnny Depp or Armie Hammer, both are easy.  


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