A Trendy Trick From The Punks

The pocket watch with a chain is very Gatsby and can still be mastered in today’s style scene.  I actually didn’t plan on writing about that at all when I started typing, but why not?  With the proper three piece suit, a pocket watch with a chain is so stylish and screams out “I’m a baller.”  I don’t think you’ll catch any heat for this, wear it loud and proud. 

The trendy trick from the punks is a similar style.  The wallet chain, which was once worn by skater kids, punks, and the Japanese, is now being brought back to fruition in the suit game.  This trend does not require a three piece, but rather, a nicely tailored, slim fit suit.  With a suit that is oversized and attempting this trend, it is real easy to look like a cheese ball.  You know the guy, you know his profession, so before I go hurting any friends’ feelings, you get it.  

To master this trick you kind of have to have to whole kit and caboodle down.  That is, the trendy/hipster look.  Be trendy with your suit, hair, and shoe game.


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