The FoHawk/Faux Hawk is Out

But was it ever really in?  Unless your last name is Beckham or Rinaldo, you probably shouldn’t have attempted the faux hawk in the first place.  It says, “I’m trying to be fashionable and new school, but I have no idea how and I am trying way too hard…”

In case you are unaware of what the fohawk/faux hawk is, here is a quick description:

  • A fake mohawk in which your hair on the top of your head exceeds the length of the hair on the sides and bottom/back of your head, where the person pushes the hair on his head to come to a point to replicate a look of a mohawk.

Please, stop  styling your hair like this.  Even if you don’t look all that ridiculous when wearing it, the fact that you are still wearing it makes you all the more ridiculous.  I know people within the company I work for (a fashion company) that still try this, and I am telling you specifically, slick your hair instead.

If this is or was your hairstyle and you are now unsure what to do, here are some solutions:

  1. Get a Mad Men-styled hair cut.
  2. Slick your hair with a side part.
  3. Get a fade

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