5 Ways to Cut Down Sugar in Your Diet

Sugar is one substance in your diet that should probably be trimmed down from your daily intake.  Sugar turns to fat in your body, it ages you faster, and has other negative effects on the body.  Here are some ways to cut down on sugar from your everyday diet:

1. Kick the can: Eliminate pop/soda from your diet.  If you’re worried about withdrawal, switch to diet and then eventually get off the sugar sodas.  Replace them with club soda and if you need sweeteners, rely on natural sweetness from lemons, limes, or berries.

2. Be careful with cereals: Many cereals are crammed with loads of sugars, so be aware of the grams/serving.  Switch to oats instead of sugar filled cereal.  Sweeten the oats up with fruit or protein powders.

3. Water down your juices: What most people fail to realize is that a single serving of orange juice and many other juices can contain up to 30g of sugar.  That is a scary-high amount.  Water down your apple, cran, and whatever juices you intake and cut sugars in half.

4. Natural Sweeteners: I have mentioned it in most solutions thus far.  Don’t buy the yogurts that have fruit in them already.  They are normally loaded with extra sugars to increase flavoring.  Replace with berries and fruits of your own.

5. Change Your Snack Foods: Snacking on nuts (almonds) and whole grains in replacement of energy bars and things of the sort can go a long way for you.


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