Stay Ahead of the Game

This post is not meant to direct you to go all Dwayne Wade and Russell Westbrook, but rather to pay attention to detail in the fashion world.  Pick up on trends and attempt to conquer them before the rest of the world does.  Figure out subtle fashion moves that may not have been discovered yet and be bold enough to attempt them first.

For example, I think a pocket square is my favorite/easiest accessory.  However, when I don’t wear a sport coat, I feel like that extra bit of flare is missing.  So on my own (without any inspiration or copycatting) I decided to start wearing a bandana in my back pant pocket on occasions.  I’m not a crip, I’m not a blood, but I certainly rock the blue and red bandanas in my pocket.  It’s a trendy little bit of detail that usually gets noticed.  I’ve had to answer a few questions, such as, “What does that signify?” “Are you in a gang?” and things of that sort.  

On my last trip to New York, I rocked the bandana/pocket look to a few shows and trade rooms and I was pleasantly surprised to see a few guys, including the designer/owner/creator of PRPS, a worldwide tremendous denim and clothing company rocking the same trend.  I’m not saying I started it, rather that it was something I saw that could get big and just said eff it.  

Whether you’re in Buffalo, NY or New York City, you should understand when you have a shot to be the first.  In New York, you almost never do, but in Buffalo, you often will.  Leather pants and jackets are big in the city right now, but certainly not in Buffalo.  Take a shot at it.  Why not?


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