Young Forever: 5 Tips to Looking Young Longer

Ever wonder how celebs stay looking young and fresh for so long?  Well… Many of them have gotten plastic surgeries, botox, stem cell injections, or other unnatural procedures to keep them looking young and alive.  I am here to tell you some ways to Naturally Keep Yourself Looking Younger:

1. Sunscreen/SPF Moisturizers: You wonder why gingers and pale people stay wrinkle free into their elder age?  It’s because they’ve been loading up on SPF 3000 or hiding from the sun since birth.  

Wearing an SPF moisturizer everyday will protect you from the sun’s harmful UV rays.  Did you know that 90% of wrinkles are caused from the sun!!

2. Stay Hydrated with Water: Water is the key ingredient to keeping your skin looking refreshed and healthy all day long.  Skip the other stuff and slug water daily.

3. Eat less gluten and sugar: Sugar has an age-adding effect to your body.  Literally, the more you ingest, the more you are likely to age faster.  Avoid sugars, gluten, and white breads.  

4. Wrinkle Removal Creme/Eye Creme: There are many different types of ant-aging skin care cremes out there now.  Our Body & Beauty Shop is loaded with them.  Come by and take your pick. 

5. Exfoliate: There are specific face washes that have exfoliating ingredients in them.  There are also face washing devices that literally do this for you.  Exfoliating 2-3 a week is necessary in the sense that it removes dead skin cells from your face and allows for your skin to restructure and look stronger and healthier.  


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