The Best Beards of the MLB Postseason

Beards are in.  Whether you’re going for a trendy beard, a grizzly beard, or just a 10 day beard.  The look is in, and no one is pulling it off better than these MLB studs right now:  Let’s count it down:

Dan Straily: This man is not going for the grizzly look.  He is in that, “Yeah sure guys, I’ll pull a playoff beard out, but I am going to look damn good doing it.  None of this grizzly shit.”

David Ross: Going for the grizzly meets classy-old-man look.

Sean Doolittle: Another A’s pitcher with another solid beard.

Johnny Gomes: This beard is absolutely disgusting.  Probably the literal grossest beard I have ever seen in my life.  Yet he is trying so hard I had to vote it good.

I mean seriously, how gross is this?

Josh Reddick: Reddick’s beard was much more epic in the beginning of the season, but he shaved at one point this year and decided to grow it back.  It’s a best beard for sure.

Mike Napoli: The hair on this man’s beard is reminicent to that of hair on a woman’s head.  It’s groomed, it’s wavy, and it’s full.  Outstanding beard. 

Brian Wilson: It’s almost unfair to deem Wilson the winner of this competition since he hasn’t shaved since winning his first world series with the Giants.  He dyes it which is also pretty much cheating.  But, how many times have you been watching a game with someone who does not follow baseball regularly, and they catch one glance at him if he’s playing, and they just explode due to how ridiculous that thing is. 


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