The Batman of Graffiti

After watching the Today Show this morning I learned about a graffiti vigilante that refers to himself as Banksy.  Banksy is a pseudonymous artist who is best known for his graffiti that he tags all over the areas of England.  He however, is not limited to just artistically vandalizing buildings and bridges, he is an all-around talented guy and also directs films, is a political activist and a painter.  Most of Banksy’s work has been seen in the greater London area, but as of recently, it seems as if the infamous, night-prowling, master of the graffiti world has moved his talents into the Big Apple.

What a cool story/concept.  This man goes around tagging buildings which could lead to fines, arrests, and banning, yet he is not seen as a criminal, but rather one of the greater artists of our time.  If you are in the city of New York, keep your eyes pealed for this rising star. 

He keeps his identity a secret and tags in the late hours of the night.  His work usually consists of dark comedic scenes and his techniques are based on stenciling.  Banksy has changed graffiti forever.  What once was an act of vandalism that was considered juvenile and destructive, is now being seen as true, modern art thanks to Banksy.  His collections are selling worldwide and his fame is growing by the day.  He does not sell his work directly, but rather, building owners who are fortunate enough to have him tag on their property are quick to attempt to sell.  The transportation of the art work to the owner’s home is all on the buyer.  

Jealous graffiti artists are not fan favorites of this infamous character.  If his work is spotted by fellow foes, they are often quick to tag over his work with their symbols or any other quick scribbles, so that his art is tainted.

I found this story so interesting this morning that I couldn’t help but write about it.  He really is the Dark Knight of graffiti and I hope he keeps this up.  I may be heading to NYC this weekend and am hoping to be lucky enough to spot some of his work, wherever it may be.  Here is an interview with Banksy about his life:


2 thoughts on “The Batman of Graffiti

  1. TJ Cool shot! Here in Germany there are several loinoctas where it’s perfectly legal to create graffiti. There’s a whole hierarchy to who may over-paint who’s work and everything. I imagine their work is protected by copyright just like any other artist. This makes me wonder if this photo of yours became famous, could you ethically reproduce it for sale since it includes somebody else’s work?I could talk about this stuff all day! Very intriguing Best wishes from tj in germany

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