MLB Postseason 2013

So that blockbuster trade between the Red Sox and the Dodgers that had me questioning Boston’s ownership team has seemingly paid off for both teams.  The Sox and Dodgers both won their divisions, they are the two teams who have advanced to the AL and NL series championships, and the team chemistry just seems fully intact.  

Aside from the Red Sox and Dodgers, this postseason has been fully entertaining.  The A’s and Tigers have an epic series brewing and we just saw a little tension 2 games ago that could carry over into this game 5 elimination game:

This series has been awesome to watch and if I wasn’t such a big Sox fan, I’d say has been the most entertaining of any series so far.  It’s been a back and forth battle of blown leads, big hits, and big jam saving pitching moments.  Verlander is on the bump for game 5 to try and regain that MVP dominance he has seen slip away this year.  I got the Tigers pulling this one out in a close 5-4 victory.

The Pirates and Cardinals are facing a game 5 situation as well with Cole and Wainwright getting the nod.  Both pitchers have earned their team a win in this postseason, but I can’t see managers leaving the ball in their hands too long.  I think A.J. Burnett will get a quick call from the pen is Cole struggles, but Cole is a flame throwing bro and he is the right choice.  I’ll take the Pirates in this game 5 that I am jacked up about.

Playoff baseball is my favorite sporting postseason.  It gets me rooting for teams I don’t like and it puts me in that fall mood that I quite enjoy.  Normally I think of fall as the anticipatory waiting period until the dreaded snow, but when baseball is here, that is all but forgotten.


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