A Tip For the Short Guys Out There

Did you know that the average height for male actors in Hollywood is 5’10?  I honestly thought it’d have been shorter.  Most people do not realize how small these men are, possibly because of how big their egos are.  It’s funny seeing some of these men portrayed as towering, confident, strong men, whilst really their characters (Bane from The Dark Knight Rises) are required to stand on stilts in their films to make up for their lack of height.  So if you’re ever thinking that you are too short, just remember that you’d kill it in Hollywood, no question.

My tip for the men who think they are short (because I do not want to put a label or number on it) is this:  

Understand that while wearing a suit, a belt is not 100% necessary.  A belt breaks your wardrobe in half completely and kind of allows others to really point out the vertical layout of your body.  Without a belt, your figure will seem longer, leaner and more proportional.  Not a necessity for anyone who deems themselves short, but a piece of advice worth considering.  


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