Do You Dress In Uniform?

Some men are in a work environment that requires them to wear the same thing, or same type of clothing, everyday.  Whether you are a stock broker, a broadcaster or a school teacher, sometimes men are required to dress in one particular way.  And let me tell you, for some, this makes life much much easier.

I went to a Catholic all boys high school growing up and was required to wear a shirt, tie, slacks and dress shoes everyday.  This made my morning routine so easy.

Some of the best dressed men in the world are those that dress in uniform.  We look at men like Jimmy Fallon, who wears a suit and tie every night on television.  But do we ever get sick of it?  Do we ever want anything different?  No.  Because Jimmy and men like him do it right.  They wear varieties, but they also make sure they are comfortable in what they wear.  A key to dressing in in the same type of attire everyday is to make sure that you can wear it anywhere and be comfortable in it.  

If you are not in a situation where you are required to wear the same thing everyday, maybe consider it.  If your mornings are spent trying to determine what to wear for too much time, this may be one of your wisest fashion choices.



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