The 10 Worst Dressed Cities

You’re going to notice a recurring trend here…  Most cities that are die hard sport cities, tend to lack in the style department.

10. LA: Aside from the celebrities, the town lacks a bit of flare.  It’s usually an over-exaggerated attempt at too much flare.  The graphic tees and oversized logos still exist out there and not to mention the diverse cliques that exist out there…

9. Buffalo: Zubas and Bills jerseys are a bit 1994 don’t you think?  The fact that Buffalo literally cannot win a championship only makes the citizens there more likely to wear their Bills and Sabres gear.  Maybe if somehow they break their nonexistent curse and win a championship the city will feel that bit of relief and can start dressing appropriate to the time frame.  

8. Maui: Have you ever seen more oversized Tommy Bahama shirts anywhere?  Ever?  You know what I’m talking about Jay.  

7. Miami: People try too hard.  Probably the cocaine.  Might as well be the rich man’s Jersey Shore.

6. Denver: An overflow of hippies and stoners may not be the best dressed crew in the states.

5. Detroit: It’s never a good thing when Cleveland, of all cities, chants “Detroit’s bankrupt.”  Detroit is one of those cities you go to and may want to leave within minutes.  Sorry B Rabbit, Marshall Mathers and Eminem, your city learned it’s style from you back in the day.  Not ideal.

4. Philadelphia: A lot to live up to with it’s neighbor up North (New York) being as trendy as it is…  Philly lacks hipster mustaches and rocks crustaches.  Philly lacks flow and makes up for it with mullets.  You root for Michael Vick…

3. The Jersey Shore: You seen the show?  Puffed up greasers and Ed Hardy shirts still flourish.  See ya Jersey. 

2. Washington, DC: Shouldn’t the nations capital be a dolled up city with tailored suits and an overkill of red and blue ties.  Note to DC, just because you are in politics, doesn’t mean you have to dress badly.

1. Boston: First time I was ever in Boston, I expected it to be very similar to NYC.  Boy was I wrong.  Where NYC is a melting pot of every person from every planet, Boston is the exact opposite.  A city filled with the townies, the regulars, the mom-jean-wearing, Red Sox-hoodied citizens lacks what you would call sophisticated style.  

Go Sox!  Seriously though, go Sox!


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