6 Ways To Look Better at Work

I use two specific destinations to try out new looks… The office and New York City.  You can literally get away with anything in New York and why not experiment with your style section of the closet at the office.  Here are some tips to get yourself looking better at the office:

1. Ties Optional?  If this is the case, and you are a fan of ditching the tie, think of a way to bolster your look otherwise.  A sport coat gives you that sharp look that is still casual without a tie.  Try it once and you’ll be hooked. H.E. by Mango F/W 2013 Campaign

2. Suits?  If you aren’t sucked into the style them by all of today’s television and movies then you may be living under a rock.  News flash:  Men are stylish now days.  Throw on a suit once a week and impress those around you.Color

3. Sleeve situation: Rolling the sleeves is one of those things that can leave you looking silly or stylish with very little wiggle room.  Be sure when rolling to go either midway up your forearm or just above your elbow bone.  The sizing of your shirt is huge here.  It needs to be slim and the proper sleeve length or else you will look foolish.Italy 07-2013

4. Jeans? Are you allowed to wear jeans to work?  Whether once a week or everyday, don’t let yourself get into a habit of being too casual with jeans.  Throw on a nice slim shirt and tie (or not) along with a sport coat every once in a while for safe keepings...

5. Cardigans are coming back: They were big a few years ago, then they faded a bit, now they’re back again.  The luxury of a cardigan is that it can be worn like a suit jacket but will leave you feeling much more comfortable.  Whether a V neck, a button down, or a shirt and tie, pull it off every so often.  Don’t abuse it.

6. Hair: Keep it clean.  Slick it back, comb it over, keep it classy.  Take notes from TV shows Suits and Mad Men.  Clean, clean, clean!!Purple


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