Parting Your Hair Left Vs. Right

What does your hair say about you?  After some extensive research (a couple Google searches) this is what I was able to discover about The Effects of Hair Parting on Social Appraisal and Personal Development:

Men W/Left Part: This is natural for men, usually works well for them. Perceived as popular, successful, strong, traditional. Can be out of touch with the feminine side of themselves. Examples: John Wayne, Tom Brokaw, John F. Kennedy, Edward M. Kennedy.

Men W/Right Part: Usually unnatural for men. Can create an uncomfortable image; can cause social shunning, sometimes leading to unusual or eccentric behavior. Perceived as atypical, open, radical.Can work ok if the man is very confident, attractive, or striving to be respected in a non-traditional male role. Examples: Al Gore, Rush Limbaugh, Robert F. Kennedy, Charlie Rose, Tom Snyder.

Men + Women W/No Part, Natural for men and women. Perceived as balanced, trustworthy and wise.

Most of the possible choices generally do not negatively affect perceptions of the individual, but the individuals who are potentially put in the worst position are men who part their hair on the right and who are also striving to be assessed positively within a traditional male role.  Observations have shown that the right part on a man may interfere with positive social situations and personal development. We focus in this article on these right-parting men because they seem to exhibit the most consistent correlations and also because they could benefit the most from this information.

A highly illustrative place to observe hair parting and perceived personal attributes is in film and television characters. Consistently, directors, casting agents and hair stylists appear to be choosing a left or a right part for characters that exhibit the characteristics identified with the left and right sides of the brain, and a center part, no hair part or baldness for those characters who have balanced personalities.

The most striking example and perhaps the most illustrative of The Hair Part Theory, is that when Christopher Reeve played Clark Kent, his hair was parted on the right. As Superman, his hair was parted on the left.


Notice earlier, that modern day Superman parts his hair to the left (right hair part).  Everything is acceptable and everything works.  This article was for laughs.

This article should not be taken serious and I hope my readers understand the irony of all of this and that it makes zero difference to which side you choose to part your hair…

Credit to this article goes to TrueMirror @


1 Jacket 5 Looks

So you’ve got a suit jacket that is much too sharp to keep in the closet on days you’re not wearing the total package, eh?  Here is a solution to bring your suit coat/sport coat out to play on a more regular basis:

Look 1: “The Total Package”:  The obvious selection here, wearing the full suit.  Some men prefer to wear a tie with a suit, always, and some like it to be a little less formal with the “no tie” look.  Either way, you’re in.  Wear a slick pocket square and you’ll be all good.suspenders

Look 2: “The Casual”:  This look is meant to be worn on occasion.  You don’t always want to pull this one out, but it works when you do.  Find your favorite crew neck T or sweater (or maybe even a henley shirt).  Next, depending on the weather, throw on some sort of undershirt to layer up before you put your selected crew/henley on.  Throw the jacket over it and compliment it with the suit bottoms. 

Look 3: “The Sophisticated Hoodie”: Find a full zip hoodie that can fit underneath your jacket.  Next, determine whether you’d like to dress it up a touch, or if you want to keep it more casual.  For casual, find a T shirt to wear under the hoodie.  For more dressy, find a button down.  Slap the hoodie over it, then the jacket next.

Look 4: “Out on the Town”: Guys are still big on the jean and jacket look, and if you do it right, it can look great.  Liev Schreiber perfects this look in Showtime’s new series, Ray Donovan.  Boots, jeans, dark jacket, button down of choice.  Pocket squares are optional. 

Look 5: “Punk Look”: Find a shirt that has some graphic to it.  Whether you want it to be funny, stylish, or simple here’s how to do it.

  • Funny: Find a T-Shirt with Kelly Kapowski’s mug on it and wear it under your sport coat.
  • Stylish: Find a shirt with your favorite band’s logo or selected image on it and grab yourself a piece of jewelry to hang around your neck.  It will look good.
  • Simple: Find a crew neck sweater with a college name printed on it and wear it loud and proud under your jacket.

Inspiration for Your Moustache

Thinking about part taking in Movember, but hesitant because you think you’ll look like a dingleberry?  Well don’t be.  Here are some words of wisdom for you and your moustache this coming month.

1. Men throughout the entire nation will be doing it: You know that insecure moment you have when you try to wear something new that is a bit risky?  That feeling amy come about the first few times you rock your stache.  Just remember that you will see men all over your city with moustaches and when you do, just give them a nod.

2. It’s like being in your own clique: I grew a beard a few months ago and it was like every man I saw who had a beard immediately befriended me.  You just give each other that look that says, “Yeah man… You’ve got it.”  With moustaches it is an even cooler clique.  It is a conversation starter wherever you are.  

3. You’ll be able to enter the J Norman contest: Either November 29th or 30th, J. Norman & Co. will be hosting an event to show support in prostate cancer.  The more moustaches the merrier.

4. It’s for a good cause: Prostate cancer is a serious issue for aging men and should be paid more attention to. 

5. Many great and stylish men have had moustaches (minus one doucher):   

9 Stylish Halloween Costumes

In case you’re dressing up this Thursday or are forced to play the dress up game after the actual holiday (which I am against) here are some costume ideas for you to throw together quickly that will be stylish and effective.

1. Walter White and Jesse Pinkman: Yellow jumpsuits, gas masks, and you’re in.  Or you can always go for the classic tighty whitie look that Walt rocks while cooking.

2. Phantom of the Opera: A half mask, black suit, and a cape and you’re in.

3. James Bond: A grey suit/black tux, a martini glass, some slick hair, and a fake gun.

4. American Psycho: 2 options here…  1. Suit, slick hair, fake ax.  2. Plastic jump suit, ax slick hair.

5. Royal Tenenbaums: Suit, headband, sweatbands.

6. Reservoir Dogs: Get a group of boys, and strap up in black suits, black skinny ties and black sunglasses.

7. Mad Men: Grey suit, skinny tie, glass of scotch, cigarette.

8. Zoro: Mustache, eye mask, sword, slick hair.

9. Lone Ranger: Whether Johnny Depp or Armie Hammer, both are easy.  

The Month Of Facial Hair is Coming: J Norman Contest!

Movember is almost here…  

Movember (a word from moustache and “November”) is an annual, month-long event involving the growing of moustaches during the month of November to raise awareness of prostate cancer and other male cancer and associated charities. The Movember Foundation runs the Movember charity event, housed at  The goal of Movember is to “change the face of men’s health (Wiki).

However, Movember does not strictly mean you must grow a mustache and only a mustache.  Many men decide to grow beards through the month and then right before they are ready to shave it off, they sport themselves with a solid, month long mustache.  Embrace your inner hipster this November and take part in Movember.  Grow some sort of facial hair and let people know why you are doing it.

Here at J Norman & Co. we will be having a contest for the best mustache at the end of the month.  The rules are simple:

  1. You must be clean shaven at the beginning of the month
  2. You must have a mustache on November 30th to be judged 

That’s pretty much it.  Keep us posted with your progress by following us on Instagram @JNormanCo or @JNormanPost and tagging us with your pictures of your stache.


22 Things to Do This Fall: Be Fun and Trendy

Fall is a season to try and experiment all sorts of things from fashion to fun.  Don’t stick to your everyday routine this fall.  Mix things up and stay young, fresh, and trendy as long as you can with these tips:

1. Get a Hipster Haircut: They’re in style now and may not be for too much longer.  Do it while you can and say you lived in the moment.

2. Drink Fancy Beer: Be that guy or that girl at the bar that is too sophisticated for Bud Light.

3. Watch Indie Movies: There’s something about watching movies that people tend to hate or that have a more artistic sides.

4. Grow facial hair: Participate in Movember and grow out a hipster mustache.  If you can’t commit to a stache, grow a beard and then trim it and play with it and eventually have 1 day with a mustache.

5. Drink pumpkin flavored teas/coffees: Nothing gets you cozy like a warm, flavorful cup of deliciousness as you watch one of those movies.  

6. Listen to New/Trendy Music: This type of music isn’t what you’re going to hear on your everyday radio stations.  This is that music you’ll hear in the trendy areas of Manhattan or in high school kids basements.

7. Dress up for no reason: Make tonight fancier than last night and dapper up.

8. Make fancy fall booze concoctions:  Gold Rush Cocktail

Add all the ingredients to a shaker and fill with ice. Shake vigorously and strain into a Martini glass. Garnish with a cherry.

  • .5 oz Gentleman Jack Tennessee Whiskey
  • .25 oz Elderflower cordial
  • .5 oz Simple syrup (one part sugar, one part water)
  • 1 oz Unfiltered apple juice
  • .5 oz Fresh lemon juice
  • 1 dash Bitters

Garnish: Apple slice

Glass: Rocks

9. Have Sunday Fundays with friends: Football can be boring alone, find excuses to make unhealthy food and enjoy it with some laughs.

10. Buy something way too trendy for your liking: Buy a sport coat or pea coat that is just too slim or too fashionable to what you’re used to.  It will be your ice breaker to breaking out of your shell.

11. Find a new favorite restaurant: Find that hole in the wall place you see often, but never go to and be amazed.  I went to a small Italian place in the city a bit ago that was so tiny and compressed, but it ended up being perfect.  I felt as if I was in New York in one of their 80,000 restaurants.

12. Bring your mattress into the living room and be so lazy: Easier solution: air mattress.  Movies all day, eating in bed, and maybe some wine at the end of the night.  Boom!

13. Find a new favorite TV show: Fall is my favorite time to watch TV.  When I think of fall I still think about the show Bored to Death.  I miss it so much.  I may have to watch it again.

14. Be spontaneous: Go do something you weren’t planning on doing.  Whether it’s a road trip, visiting wineries, or heading up to see your old college friends, try it.

15. Wine taste: WNY has some great areas to wine taste and find beautiful scenic areas.  The Finger Lakes are perfect.

16. Get out of your comfort zone: Make a video of yourself, try some daring event you’ve always wanted to, or experience life like you’ve wanted to by opening up.  Often people don’t say things they want to say to people, bosses, friends, or someone they are attracted to.  There’s no reason not to say the productive things on your mind.  Tell her/him how you feel.

17. Watch the World Series:  There is no better time to get into baseball than right now.  Not a fan?  Watch this series, pick a team, and roll with it.  Playoff baseball is easily my favorite playoff sport of the year.

18. Diet with cheater days: The health kick is huge these days, but who’s to say you can’t enjoy a large pizza to yourself on Sundays?

19. Write a detailed thank you note to someone who has once in their life helped you out.

20. Dance in the street: You’ll think it’s cheesy but she won’t. 

21. Carve pumpkins: It’s a cliche but it’s a fun one.

22. Enjoy this weather before the snow!  Get outside.  Bring blankets, scarves, flasks, coffees, or whatever will keep you warm and enjoy this time.  

A Trendy Trick From The Punks

The pocket watch with a chain is very Gatsby and can still be mastered in today’s style scene.  I actually didn’t plan on writing about that at all when I started typing, but why not?  With the proper three piece suit, a pocket watch with a chain is so stylish and screams out “I’m a baller.”  I don’t think you’ll catch any heat for this, wear it loud and proud. 

The trendy trick from the punks is a similar style.  The wallet chain, which was once worn by skater kids, punks, and the Japanese, is now being brought back to fruition in the suit game.  This trend does not require a three piece, but rather, a nicely tailored, slim fit suit.  With a suit that is oversized and attempting this trend, it is real easy to look like a cheese ball.  You know the guy, you know his profession, so before I go hurting any friends’ feelings, you get it.  

To master this trick you kind of have to have to whole kit and caboodle down.  That is, the trendy/hipster look.  Be trendy with your suit, hair, and shoe game.

The FoHawk/Faux Hawk is Out

But was it ever really in?  Unless your last name is Beckham or Rinaldo, you probably shouldn’t have attempted the faux hawk in the first place.  It says, “I’m trying to be fashionable and new school, but I have no idea how and I am trying way too hard…”

In case you are unaware of what the fohawk/faux hawk is, here is a quick description:

  • A fake mohawk in which your hair on the top of your head exceeds the length of the hair on the sides and bottom/back of your head, where the person pushes the hair on his head to come to a point to replicate a look of a mohawk.

Please, stop  styling your hair like this.  Even if you don’t look all that ridiculous when wearing it, the fact that you are still wearing it makes you all the more ridiculous.  I know people within the company I work for (a fashion company) that still try this, and I am telling you specifically, slick your hair instead.

If this is or was your hairstyle and you are now unsure what to do, here are some solutions:

  1. Get a Mad Men-styled hair cut.
  2. Slick your hair with a side part.
  3. Get a fade