Have You Started Watching Homeland Yet? Or Scandal For that Matter?

Fall television is always a promising piece of entertainment on those chilly nights as you drink your hot ciders, your whiskeys, or your red wines.  I know I have preached and promoted Homeland before but if you do not take me serious on this you will be missing out.  

Often times today, you hear people say, “I’m too busy to watch TV these days.”  A. You’re Not.  B. If you are, you shouldn’t be.  DVR was invented for a reason.

Ways to find time to watch TV:

  1. Workout from home and watch a show while you sculpt the bod.
  2. Watch before you go to bed.

This should free up a 2 hour time frame out of the day for you.

ON TO HOMELAND…  Homeland is an exhilarating, somewhat suspenseful thriller about a rogue Marine turned terrorist, turned Congressman, turned terrorist again, and the drama of his counterparts in the CIA.  This Emmy/Golden Globe awarded show is the most entertaining show on television today.  Trust me, give it a go.  The acting is some of the best you will find.

Scandal…  Scandal is a well produced show about a team of “lawyers” that more or less have the job of fixing problems in the most secretive way.  The show features lead role, Kerry Washington, who plays a powerful woman in control of her 5 or so employees.  The cases they have taken on include work for the President of the USA, who Kerry’s character used to date and may or may not have an affair with.  For a network televised show, it’s not bad.


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