What’s To Come…

Today is a bit of a teaser for our store: J Norman & Co. Men’s Shop and Lounge.

image-1Rumors are escalating around and about our shop and we wanted to confirm some of them to the public.  Here is a list of things to expect from our men’s shop coming soon…

1. We are building a bar: We are building a top notch bar that will serve customers day in and out with some of our favorite selections of beer, wine, and liquor.  The bar will be in the back end of the store and will be 25 feet long and is there for men to come watch games, relax, dine from our limited food selection and more.

2. We are building a man cave: This man cave will not be your normal man cave.  It will consist of a top notch bar, the highest end televisions, exquisite furniture, dining and poker tables, a gym, and more!

3. We are starting our own line: J Norman is becoming it’s own private label line and will consist of the most stylish apparel in both casual and dress wear.  We have started with our belts and laces but there is MUCH more to come!Just JN

4. We will be hosting events and parties: With this new store and man cave, we will have space to hold events like beer tastings, wine tastings, liquor tastings, cigar rolling, sport game parties, cocktail parties, poker tournaments, shopping events, and more.

5. We are changing our image: We want men to know they can now come to us for their most sartorial of needs!  We also want them to know that they can still come to us for their most casual of dress-wear as well.  We are doing so by bring in our own custom suiting line, our own private label, and new, trendy and affordable lines this fall and spring!



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