Dress Your Suit Down

A suit doesn’t need to be a piece you wear once every so often for special occasions.  You don’t know when you’re going to die, or when something tragic may happen, so don’t save your best for only important days.  Wear it while you’ve got it.  With a suit, there are ways to make it a more casual piece like so:

1. Henley: Replace your button down with a henley shirt, long sleeve or short sleeve.  Leave the top two buttons undone.  To really casual it up, throw on a stylish chain.

2. Polo Shirt: Replace the button down with a polo.  Wear whatever style matches your suit best and make sure it fits you clean and slim.

3. Jersey Sweater: Throw on a jersey sweater underneath your jacket.  You can put a collared shirt on under the sweater or you can wear it with a T-shirt underneath.  Either way, rock a causal pocket square and you’re in.

4. Shoes- Switch your wingtips with boots or casual canvas sneakers.  It is an awesome look.

5. Logo T’s: Find a T with a clever logo on it.  Whether it be a retro sports shirt or if it’s a big teddy bear on the shirt.  Wear it under your suit coat on select occasions and you’ll be a hit.


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