Why A Comb Over Isn’t A Comb Over Anymore

For years men who rocked the comb over were seen as nerdy, unstylish, and flat out someone you may not want to have a beer with after work.  Usually these type of comb over victims were the ones wearing short sleeve button down shirts with ties as they headed off to work.  However, with the evolution of style, and the resurgence of retro style, the comb over has had a face lift and is now the style of choice for fashionable men these days.  Let’s have a look:

The Inspiration: TV and movies are the culprit for many of these trendy style statements.  Shows like Suits, Boardwalk Empire, Mad Men and movies like The Great Gatsby, Crazy Stupid Love, and Inception have really let men everywhere see that they should give a shit about how they look.  

The Look: I’m going to trademark this look with the title the “Slick n’ Suit”.  It’s that fresh and clean haircut, the perfect style, and the appropriate attire to match the do: A nice suit. 

The Cut: When I get my haircut, I show my barber a picture of exactly what I want it to look like.  Do yourself a favor and do the same thing.  The key to this cut is the fade.  You can go extreme with the fade and embrace your inner hipster or you can style it like our men featured above.  Tell your barber you’d like a high-3 fade with enough length on top to slick it back or comb it over.  If you want to look more like Harvey Specter, avoid the clippers and tell your stylist to fade it bottom to top with some flow on top. 

The Do:  I always vote for the slick/comb over to go to your favorable side.  There is something a bit too “Growing Up Gatti” about slicking it straight back.  Pushing it to one side just enough let’s you like stylish and professional.  

  • Wet your hair
  • Comb or brush your hair straight back
  • Part on the side that your hairline is stronger
  • Slick up and over
  • Put in some sort of creme or gel product and comb it through again
  • Let dry and harden

3 thoughts on “Why A Comb Over Isn’t A Comb Over Anymore

  1. I find it kind of funny that considering the level of sheimmr in … pretty much all the products that the Mix Blushes are so matte. I would love to see sheimmry shades (and more ‘playful’ colours – like purple!)Sadly I am still a sucker for packaging and LE stuff so I will likely still want these even if they ARE similar to stuff in my stash XD;

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