The Most Stylish Men at the Emmys

They Emmys weren’t bad last night.  That’s my review.  NPH wasn’t outstanding but wasn’t atrocious either.  I am such a TV nerd that an award show like this quickly catches my attention.  From shows like Homeland to Modern Family to Boardwalk Empire, every network receives attention and all your favorite characters are seen in their actual forms.  I think the world was shocked seeing Bryan Cranston with hair and no goatee (GQ readers would not have been so surprised).  So here are my picks:

1. Zachary Quinto- One of the star’s from the ever-so-creepy, American Horror Story, has a certain Jason Schwartzman look to him with the dark hair, dark brows, and dark five o’clock shadow even if he were to have shaved that morning.  He looked classy.

2. Bryan Cranston- The Breaking Bad star really has better looks than being the old man cooking meth in his underwear.  This proved it.  

3. Bobby Cannavale- When Boardwalk Empire decided to kill off one of it’s most important characters in the season 2 finale (Jimmy), they needed a new power character to fill the void that Jimmy once fulfilled.  Bobby Cannavale’s character, Gyp Rosetti did just that.

4. John Hamm- When your character is type-casted to look a specific way every single episode, it is a very pragmatic statement to show up to an award ceremony with a dramatic change of style.  John Hamm does such with rocking a stellar beard.

5. Jason Batemen- Simple, classy, elegant. 

6. Kit Harington- The shoes…  And he’s a bro in Game of Thrones.

7. Ty Burrell, 8. Will Arnett, 9. Ryan Seacrest- Ty Burrell plays one of my all-time favorite on-screen characters and he dressed like G last night.  Followed up closely by Will Arnett and Ryan Seacrest.Burberry tuxes Emmys 2013

10. NPH- A decent host and a decent attire.  As a host I feel you have to make some sort of statement through the night.  The mid-show musicals and the maroon velvety looking jacket were his trademarks.


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