The 21 Most Stylish Actors

Movies from now and then have been inspirations to men everywhere about stepping up their style game.  Let’s give a little credit where it’s due and applaud these men:

21. Daniel Day Lewis: Can anyone wear a better mustache than this man?

20. Paul Newman: All I remember him in is Slap Shot, but he gets credit for a lot of other work.

19. Alec Baldwin: It’s Complicated is still one of my all time favorites and his hatred for paparazzi just makes me like him more.

18. Bill Murray:  Not normally what you think of when style comes to mind, but he did make the cover of GQ, and has dressed well in and outside of movies.

17. Joseph Gordon-Levitt- Dude looks like a boss on every red carpet.

16. Jude Law (and Robert Downey JR.)- Been a style icon since Nam’.

15. Christian Bale- Bruce Wayne.  Enough said.

14. Michael Cane- Batman.  Enough said.

13. Jimmy Stewart- The guy was a G.  Looked sharp and clean all the time.

12. Brad Pitt- Lots of guys dislike him, but back in his prime, he could swing it. 

11. Gabriel Macht- Harvey Specter.

10. Robert Redford- Legend

9. Andrew Garfield- Kid looks sharp 97% of the time.

8. James Franco- Funny (in movies- who knows about real life) and stylish.  Today’s James Dean.

7. Daniel Craig- James Bond.

6. Steve McQueen- This picture alone proves it.

5. George Clooney- This generation’s Carey Grant.

4. James Dean- The guy died in his early 20s and still is talked about like Elvis.  

3. Humphrey Bogart- I remember watching old classic films of Humphrey Bogart and watching him suck down cigarettes and cigars like they were nothing.  He inhaled both.  Think he died of lung cancer…

2. Carey Grant- Stud.

1. Ryan Gosling- Am I really giving #1 to our generation’s man of style?  Yup.  Have you ever seen Crazy Stupid Love?


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