Back Hair Is Never Okay

Often times I hear women say that they stop shaving their legs regularly in the winter time.  They say that with the cold weather their legs are usually covered up and it just isn’t all that necessary… I’m not going to judge.  The same type of scenario can be said with men in regards to back hair.

It’s fall and you find yourself being covered up, for the most part.  Outside of being at your home, you tend to be shirted.  If you are a man that has the issue of back hair, I want you to hear me out when I say, don’t ever let it get out of control.  It’s obnoxious to have to attempt to shave your back on a daily basis, and probably more obnoxious to ask someone to do it for you on a regular basis.  There’s a difference between a week of no shaving and 2 weeks to no shaving.  

Just because it is the fall/winter does not mean you can let your fur grow like Bin Laden’s beard.  Keep it trimmed and shaved.  You never know when you will end up shirtless in front of a new lady…


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