Boots With Suits?

During summer, it is understandable if you are not willing and wanting to wear a suit everyday, but as fall rolls around, your suit game should be back in full swing.  The cooler weather brings about such luxuries as layering up, bundling up, and trying new trends.

One trend this fall that is a topic of discussion is, can you wear boots with suits?  In short, yes, you can.  But be-fucking-careful.  You can look like a horrendous buffoon the second you tie your boots.  Here are a few ways to perfect this trend:

1. Understand what a boot is: A boot is not simply a shin-high piece you wear on your feet when you are going hiking or working construction.  There are all sorts of boots: Chelsea boots, desert boots, dress boots.  These are boots for style and play, not for manual labor.

2. Understand what boots are allowed to be worn for style vs. work: Chelsea boots and desert boots are style pieces.  Steel toe boots and high rise boots should be worn with jeans.

3. The height of the boot:  In order to wear a boot with a suit, you should follow this rule: Do not let the height of the boot exceed two inches above your ankle bone.  Any boots higher/longer than that will leave you looking real weird when you sit down or cross your legs and your pants rise.   


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