Say No To Silk

Often times the uneducated men of style tend to think that silk is the way to go because, well, it’s silk.  News fact: Silk sucks.  You need to do yourself a favor and listen to these tips from me.  Where you once had silk ties, pocket squares, or even boxers, you need to replace them like so:

1. Silk Ties: Replace with wool and cotton.  It’s fall now so wool ties are in like you were at your prom.  Don’t discriminate though, cotton based ties are a solid play as well.

2. Silk Pocket Squares: Replace with cotton and linen.  Silk pocket squares really don’t look well.  They are floppy and tend to fall down your suit coat.  Switch to cotton squares or linen squares.  They stay looking full in your pocket and really put a nice touch on your jacket game.  

3. Silk Boxers: Replace with cotton.  Silk boxers will give you wedgies like a mother…  They were something cool when I was 12, but they are tough to handle now. 


One thought on “Say No To Silk

  1. I’m afraid that my imoanigtian immediately painted “her” as an assassin, the scarf as her means of strangling people, and the smile as being her reaction on contemplating her next job (which she’s about to carry out). Probably not what you had in mind…

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